Posted by: reformedmusings | July 11, 2015

Catchup on gun control lies

My Firefox tabs are incredibly backed up with links for blog posts, so I’m going to post them all here. The tragic murders at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston has brought out all the official nut cases. But before we begin, let’s start with a primer on the 2nd Amendment from Bill Whittle:

Now that we have a good background, let’s move on to the idiots who don’t get it. One Democrat presidential candidate wants to bring George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 to fruition here by claiming that the mythical “white priviledge” is to blame and that we should keep guns away from those “whose hearts are filled with hate.” How exactly we will define that is left undefined. You can bet that progressives will say that anyone who served in the military, any real Christian, anyone who believes in God’s definition of marriage, in short anyone who disagrees with the liberal/progressive agenda has a heart filled with hate. Stalin would be proud.

Then there’s our ever fabricating president who claims that mass murders only happen here. The facts say otherwise, but socialists have no use for facts.

For those who still think that background checks are the key to these tradgedies, note that the FBI has admitted that the Charleston murderer passed his background check, as did past mass murderers. We just can’t seem to learn that evil exists and we must be prepared to deal with it head-on.

Facing evil head-on means being armed and ready. In fact, 95% of 15,000 real police officers in a recent poll believe that limiting magazine sizes to 10 rounds or less would be ineffective. 71% believe that banning modern sporting rifles would not reduce crime, and 85% believe that the White House’s gun control proposals would have no effect or worse on their safety.

There are those in the shooting community who point to mind-altering drug use amongst mass murders, including the Charleston murderer. That may be, but it doesn’t excuse the underlying evil.

As Christians increasingly become the targets for hate-filled liberal and progressives, it seems wise for those who can legally do so to be armed at worship and other church gatherings. Such action has a long and storied history in the U.S.A., and has proven successful at saving lives.

On the flip side, how is that strict gun control – including magazine size limits and ban on modern sporting rifles – working out for Baltimore? Baltimorons should be amongst the safest people in the nation, but instead are experiencing a massive crime wave. Some blame the mayor and liberal prosecutors for targeting the police, but if gun control worked that shouldn’t make a difference. This critical point is being lost in all the finger pointing. Baltimore has been run by liberals for decades and should be a liberal paradise of happy, disarmed sheep. It is a poster child for Obamerica, but not in the way that liberals would like.

Baltimore, Chicago, and other liberal outposts of Obamerica show us the true outcome of gun control and liberalism/progressivism running wild. Don’t be fooled, be prepared.


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