Posted by: reformedmusings | July 10, 2015

The Sun and the Climate

I’ve written so many times about the fraud of anthropological global warming, now called “man-made climate change” by those embarrassed by their idiocy. I have maintained that the sun has more to do with our global temperature than anything man does by orders of magnitude. Now, some scientists have produced a new model of the sun’s cycles and validated that model against real data.

The good news is that the model correlates 97% with the available data. The bad new is that the model predicts that the sun will reach its minimum output around 2030.The last time the sun hit this low in the cycle was in 1646-1715, a period known as the mini ice age. The Thames River in London froze over.

[sarcasm]So, time to increase your carbon footprint like crazy. Better start early. If the AGW nuts are right, the extra carbon may save us![/sarcasm]


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