Posted by: reformedmusings | August 12, 2017

Lies opposing national concealed carry

The lefties are all up in arms over the fact that Congress has before it laws that allow Americans to do what the Constitution already says that they can do – keep and bear arms as they travel across the country. One stupid argument is that only police and the military should be able to carry arms. Well, back in 2012, the Illinois Tactical Blog did a great article compiling the data for police shootings vs. citizen shootings of criminals. Bottom line: depending on how you do the calculations, police are 11 times more likely to shoot an innocent individual than an armed civilian. We won’t even consider the hypocrisy of folks that hate the police are generally the same folks who say only police should have guns.

Let me be clear that I am pro-police, and the  police have a very tough job. They have to enter uncertain situations at great personal risk and make split-second decisions. That doesn’t excuse the murders innocents like Justine Damond or Philando Castile, but those are rare occurrences. The offending cops should be punished to the maximum extent of the law, but the do not represent law enforcement at large.

National concealed carry is a Constitutional right and should be recognized across the country. Imagine if you had to get a permit to speak in every state of the nation before you could espouse your views?

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