Posted by: reformedmusings | July 12, 2015

Success of armed self-defense, failure of gun control

Two contrasting instances that illustrate the value of being armed and prepared with the foolishness of gun control.

First, former CNN Headline News anchor Lynne Russell and husband Chuck de Caro faced down a violent predator. Although shot three times in the firefight, de Caro shot and killed the predator, who obviously was not armed legally. I won’t repeat Russell’s money quote here (find it at the link), but the bottom line was if you don’t want to carry, don’t, but don’t impose your opinion on everyone else.

Second, an event that’s not possible in the gun-free, ultra-liberal, sanctuary city of San Francisco. A woman was murdered by a 7-time felon illegal alien. No one could shoot back, of course, because law-abiding citizens cannot carry firearms in SF. Nor can the murder be touted by the usual gun control nuts, because the felonious illegal alien didn’t use an evil modern sporting rifle or empty a normal-capacity magazine, but obtained a pistol stolen from a federal agent! Oops.

The contrast couldn’t be clearer. Which makes more sense?

HT: Patriot Post

HT: Patriot Post


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