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Goodbye OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Hello Kubuntu

I described my reasons for leaving Ubuntu and going to OpenSUSE here. I really enjoyed my time on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. I put together a great desktop, and Tumbleweed was rock solidly stable. The integration of the elements in to the desktop was excellent and friendly folks on the support forums provided excellent help when needed. There was a learning curve on handling packages, but the result proved well worth it. And Yast, oh my, what a great tool! Here was my desktop on Tumbleweed:


Simple and effective.

So, why did I leave OpenSUSE Tumbleweed? For the very reason that their portal page warns – everything updates on a rapid pace. That includes the kernel, upon which things like proprietary video drivers and virtual machines (VMs) depend. Within a kernel minor version, like 4.10.x, most drivers don’t care. But, cross to 4.11.x and you are in for a ride trying to get drivers and VMs to load again. In addition, I could not get my legacy scanner to work in Tumbleweed. Scanners are the only remaining major issue in Linux, but usually there are workarounds. Not this time.

So, when Tumbleweed went to 4.11.0, I lost my virtual machine. Plus Tumbleweed still could not assign my scanner to the correct driver, even though sane-find-scanner would find the scanner and the operating system could find the driver just fine. I just couldn’t get the two married up. But loss of VM again was the final straw. I love the concept of Tumbleweed and its operation, but I just can’t live without my VM or scanner.

So, I then found GeckoLinux Next, an interesting merge of OpenSUSE 42.2 long-term release with keeping up with the latest application versions. It sounded great, but I could not get it to recognize my RAID1 array on installation or even after installation. Despite my best efforts at tailoring /etc/fstab, I could not get past the login screen. I was dismayed at the lack of RAID installation support because Tumbleweed found and mounted the RAID array with no issues during installation. At one point, GeckoLinux wiped my root drive and left me with an unbootable system. Ouch!

I did not want to go to OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 with the old 4.4 Linux kernel and older application versions. Kubuntu came to mind as a viable alternative. I started out Linux with Kubuntu about a decade ago, and although it is not as polished as OpenSUSE KDE desktop, it works the same way. So, used the GeckoLinux LiveDVD to download Kubuntu and burned a LiveCD. I booted the Kubuntu 17.04 LiveDVD, clicked Install, and after a few minutes I discovered that Kubuntu doesn’t recognize RAID arrays on installation either. Hmmmph.

So, I loaded mdadm, the software RAID manager, in the LiveDVD environment, ran the installation again, and after a 13-step process, had a fully operational system. You can read the details in this forum post. My data on the RAID1 array persevered, so when Kubuntu finally arrived at the KDE desktop with the RAID properly mounted as /home, all my system settings came to life. After loading the necessary applications, I was fully operational.

By that I mean that my VM loaded just fine, and Kubuntu even loaded the NVidia driver for my legacy card at my request, something that was never going to happen in Tumbleweed. I later got my scanner to work, but that’s a story for another post.

One of advantages that Kubuntu has it its access to the broad and deep Ubuntu repositories. That said, the Discover package manager is awful. It looks like a kids toy. I loaded Synaptic immediately to get real package management. Years ago, KDE had it all over Gnome for system customization and fine, granular control over settings. Yast on OpenSUSE gave me false hope that this was still true. Nope. Looks to me like Gnome has caught up to KDE and perhaps passed it in terms of access to deep system settings. Gnome as several settings programs, including one that goes to the core of the system. By comparison, KDE’s seem superficial. Although I love the desktop, I miss the Yast level of control over the system. The KWin compositor has turned out to be a winner for producing the 3D display effects for KDE. Gnome, not so much.

So, here’s my current Kubuntu desktop:


If you think that it looks like the OpenSUSE one above, you’d be right. The major difference is that VMWare Workstation and my NVidia driver work on this one. And will next week, I might add. That’s not a slam on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. Not at all. I loved Tumbleweed and especially their Yast system program. I’d still be using it if I had a way to stay on kernel 4.10.x and I could get my VMs, NVidia driver, and scanner to work. Alas, they warned me up front. That said, I don’t regret my two weeks on Tumbleweed.

For now, though, it’s back to Kubuntu. The Kubuntu community is right, KDE should be the default desktop for Ubuntu and Cannonical should come up with something comparable to Yast. In my dreams…

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Goodbye Ubuntu, hello OpenSUSE

Recently, Cannonical announced that they were dropping the Unity desktop in favor of Gnome. Not just Gnome, but pretty much vanilla Gnome. I started my Linux journey back in 2006 on Kubuntu with the KDE desktop and loved it until the initial releases of KDE 4 which seemed very primitive. I went to Gnome at that time, but Gnome has changed over the years as well. I always missed the customizability of KDE, but I lived with it until the latest version of Gnome. Unity took Gnome in a new and somewhat exciting direction as it matured. With the demise of Unity, it’s back to the vanilla Gnome which I don’t care for.

That said, I switched to vanilla Gnome as soon as Canonical announced Unity’s demise, even though that demise was a year or so away. I was able to come up with a moderately acceptable desktop, but unfortunately forgot to take a screenshot before abandoning that setup. I used Dash to Dock to emulate the Unity side bar, which worked OK.

Yet, KDE 5 beckoned me. Although I’d used Kubuntu previously, there’s been some turmoil in the Kubuntu house and Cannonical distanced themselves a bit from it. Plus, I wanted a better-integrated KDE system, so I searched the web for exactly that. In the process, I settled on OpenSUSE. Because I’m pretty used to having a recent kernel and program updates, I went with the Tumbleweed rolling release version. I expected that to be a challenge because video drivers and my VMWare Workstation are sensitive to kernel changes. We’ll see how that goes in the longer term.

Installing OpenSUSE could not have been easier. The installation program picked up my RAID 0 array and assembled it properly. It did get confused with the other, unrelated hard drives in the system, so I had to reallocate the mountings, but that was easy. The rest of the installation flowed along nicely.

As soon as the installation finished, I set about ensuring that programs like Firefox, Firefox, and others could find their previous setups. That proved seamless.

I tried for 3 days to get the NVidia proprietary drivers to install and work, but alas, that didn’t work out. After finding the drivers for my old card, I tried using the automated and manual installations, but I only ever got flashing text screens. So, I went to the open source nouveau and mesa drivers, the latter for 3D support. Those work perfectly and provide the capability that I want. I don’t game, so I don’t need all the cutting-edge stuff.

So, here’s my desktop after several days of work, mostly wasted on the video drivers:


Pretty simple, eh? It’s probably not my final. I keep moving the panel from top to bottom and back again. Actually, now that I think about it, I like it at the bottom:


Yea, well for now. I like icons-only on the taskbar with loaded programs receiving some indication at their icon. That provides a compact taskbar that’s elegantly simple. So, I added the Icons-only taskbar widget and deleted the standard taskbar widget from the panel. I then added my most-used programs to the icon taskbar.

My other additions to the panel were the standard weather widget and VLC’s minimize to the system tray feature. I tried the plasma5-radioplayer widget on the panel, but it wouldn’t play sound. The VLC solution will work until I find something I like better.

The trick to getting 3D to work w/o the NVidia proprietary drivers involves the combination of both the nouveau and mesa drivers together. They work pretty well, and I have my desktop cube back after a lot of years of missing it. The multiple desktop widget works very well, too – another piece that I missed in Unity.

Kwin has come a long way over the years. It does respectable compositing and provides nice 3D effects for the desktop, including the aforementioned desktop cube, animated window minimizing/maximizing, windows dodging newly active windows, and fading inactive windows to name a few. Overall nicely done, with a few rough spots.

Another KDE improvement is Kontact, which is now a nicely integrated PIM with Kmail, Korganizer (calendar), tasks, etc. I like the maturation there. The only shortcoming is Kmail. While it has improved a lot and imported all my mail and accounts from Thunderbird, I cannot get it to send mail even after a lot of hand massaging. So, I’m back to Thunderbird, which has its own quirks, especially in conversation mode. The biggest advantage for Thunderbird, besides being able to send mail, is the unified inbox. I’d taken that for granted until I played with Kmail for 3 days.

Besides the NVidia video driver issues, which I have yet to resolve but care less about now that I have nouveau and mesa working well, I had issues getting Tumbleweed to recognize the printers. I had to go into the hardware printer settings and initiate searches for the printers. I also had to load the driver for my Brother HL-2280DW laser because the driver wasn’t available on the initial installation. The scanner driver is too old to install easily on the current system, but I will work on that issue.

KDE has a ton of setting tweaks, and I’m still finding them. OpenSUSE also provides YaST, which is an incredibly catch-all settings manager and toolbox.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is not for new Linux users. It requires significant hand-tweaking to get some things working. I still don’t have my VMWare Workstation working, although it did install. I’m still working some issues, but the effort has been well worth it. The KDE desktop is very well integrated, and common programs like Firefox and Thunderbird integrate extremely well thanks to the OpenSUSE team. OpenSUSE does make a more conventional distribution called Leap, which updates about one/year. I look forward to a long and fruitful association with the OpenSUSE community.

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Recapping a few Democrat lies

Let’s see – the Dems kept pushing that the Kremlin hacked Podesta and DNC emails. Perhaps they should read this article in which one of their primary sources has recanted of the Russian hack theory. The actual ones doing the spying and dirt digging were Obama’s lackeys. Imagine that.

Then, of course, they mocked President Trump for calling the recent Paris attack a terrorist incident. Of course, the French declaration of the attack as a terrorist incident followed shortly thereafter.

The liberals/socialist/Democrats will never get it because they do not want to. Their dream is a nightmare for freedom-loving citizens. Studying Stalin and Alinsky won’t endear them to real Americans.

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Outstanding Career Advice

Mike Rowe his this out of the park, as usual:

Couldn’t say it any better.

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Democrats: The Party of Secession

Michael Goodwin over at the NY Post wrote an incredible article: Democrats are becoming the party of secession. It’s a must-read.

The Dems still don’t get the revolution that happened with the election of Donald Trump. Their denial and tantrums go beyond childishness – they border on sedition. If this had happened 8 years ago, the accusations of racism would never have dimmed. The hypocritical double standard nauseates me. They tried for 8 years to destroy the country under Obama, but America was too strong. Now they are paying the price, but the loss of power is driving them insane. They don’t get the real America that God, guns, and guts built. All they understand is how to abuse power and enslave a country on their Democrat plantation.

The 2nd Amendment has never been so precious a right as today when seditionists threaten our Constitutional Republic.

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Today’s Humor – “Sola Feels”

If you’ve never read the Babylon Bee, you really need to do so. The content is as hilarious as it is on target. In today’s example, they take aim at the progressive evangelical’s emphasis on existential feelings as opposed to the guidance of God’s law as illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

They posit that the progressive’s core doctrine is “Sola Feels”, which translates to “By Feels Alone”. In their words:

“Quite simply, ‘Sola Feels’ means that all spiritual truths only become true once they’re filtered through and accepted by our feels—all the feels,” popular author and speaker Jane Hansen told reporters after the meeting. “Thus, things that make us feel bad, those are wrong. The things that give us all the happy feels, those are true, right, and good.”

This, of course, plays off of the Reformation doctrine of “Sola Scriptura,” (although they play off of “Sola Fide” for the sound) where Scripture illuminated to us by the Holy Spirit, is the only rule for faith and practice. The Babylon Bee captured the contrast between orthodox Reformed theology and the mushy progressives very well. Laughed really hard reading this article.

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More Evidence That Violence is Individual-Centric, and Liberal-based

I have written before about academic work that indicated that the extreme violence and death that plague Democrat strongholds boils down to a small network of violent predators. The Guardian on the other side of the pond published an article that’s misleading in parts, but at the end acknowledges the violent predator networks. It’s a generally good article. The Guardian tries to pooh-pooh the idea that Democrat social programs contribute along with Democrat governance to the violent culture, but the data shows exactly the opposite. The violent predator networks only exist in Obamerica. Certainly the severe gun control laws contribute to the impunity with which the predators murder. The predator attrition rate would be much higher in the freer parts of America that shoot back.

I found another interesting study. Academic research shows that political liberals commit crimes at a far greater rate than political conservatives. The more liberal, the vastly greater the crime rate! Conversely, the more conservative, the greatly lower the crime rate. Color me shocked! Watching the events since President Trump’s election certainly give us a prominent example.

Elimination of the violent predator networks at the local source and re-education (or maybe just a real education) of liberals/progressives are two easy steps to make America safer!


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The Lies of a Muslim Immigration Ban

All the uproar about President Trump’s executive order (EO) temporarily putting immigration on hold from seven countries at the heart of the terrorist supply has been as stupid as it is based on huge, bald-faced lies.

As for the EO being a Muslim ban, religion is never mentioned in the EO. Christians, Zoroastrians, etc., from the subject countries are ALL affected. However, the most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia, along with about 40 other (mostly) peaceful Muslim nations are not affected. That’s the end of lie number one. There is no “Muslim ban”.

Lie number two is that President Trump’s EO violates the Consitution or creates new law. WRONG!!! In fact, President Trump is merely calling for the enforcing of existing law – the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, signed by Obama! The EO doesn’t mention any specific countries or religions. The list of countries is found in the 2015 law that Obama signed! So, if you want to blame someone, blame Obama for not enforcing the laws that he signed! (Along with many others, including the Constitution itself.) That’s lie #2 down.

Lie number three is that President Trump’s EO is wildly unpopular. In fact, the president’s action is supported by a majority of Americans. A Rasmussen Reports national survey found that 57% of likely voters support the president’s action. The idiots in the street are mostly paid protesters funded by Bloomberg and Soros. The rest are just easily led or just plain ignorant. Of course, the mainstream media has their finger on the same pulse they had before the election when Hillary was to win by a landslide – their own biased pulse.

Lie number four is that the president’s action is unChristian. Bishop E. W. Jackson wrote an excellent article exposing both the lie and the hypocrisy behind the lie. Bottom line is that it’s unChristian to open our families to the horrors of terrorism.

Face it, folks. We live in a very dangerous world where there are fanatics that want to kill Americans and destroy our freedoms. The core function of the government is to protect Americans and our way of life, not to coddle terrorists or ignore them. President Trump is doing his primary job, something the previous president neglected for eight years while he was busy golfing and trying to destroy America from within.

President Trump is enforcing existing law that seeks to defend America from importing terrorists, a law that Obama signed but did not enforce. The snowflakes and media need to drop the lies and get with the program.

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Some time with AICP Android 7.1.1

So, it’s been since 6 Dec that I have been using Android Ice Cold Project (AICP)  based on Android 7.1.1. Here’s the latest build:


Note that the build includes the Jan 5, 2017, Android security update. The monthly updates are incorporated promptly. AICP is based on what was CyanogenMod 14.1, which is now Lineage OS, a solid base upon which to build a customized ROM.

AICP dailies have been very stable and improving in function. There were some camera loading issues early on, but those are gone. At this point, I have to problems with the ROM at all.

Meanwhile, Lenovo is still promising to deliver a stock 7.1.1 sometime this year. Yep, not holding my breath. Even if Lenovo does eventually release a 7.1.1 stock ROM, I don’t see leaving AICP. The customizations are awesome, and the regular security updates are not matched by Lenovo.

I’m very happy with AICP and thoroughly enjoy its customizations and stability.

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America Free Again – The Forgotten Man & Woman Speech

Free from progressive abridgements of our Constitutional freedoms, the fomenting of divisions between liberal-defined identity groups, and the hand tying of the police to prevent the decay of our great society.

Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

So, first we had the left claiming that Donald Trump would destroy America whilst they actually did burn down significant parts of U.S. cities.


Now, the left is demonizing the Electoral College and trying to de-legitimize President-elect Trumps’ election victory and presidency. The latest round of lies says that the Russians hacked the DNC accounts and swung the election. The political hacks in leadership at the CIA and FBI are saluting smartly to their liberal leaders.

The first problem is that the Russians did not provide the hacked emails to Wikileaks. Julian Assange, of whom I am no fan at all, has categorically denied that he got any of it from the Russians. He had emails from the RNC as well, but that other sources had already reported on the issues therein. He has no reason to lie. Here’s a 25-minute interview with Sean Hannity in which Assange addresses the issue head-on throughout:

The radio segment is well-worth your time to hear. Towards the end, he slips a bit in implying that the emails came from an insider. Seth Rich comes to mind, but others do as well. I have heard talk of others on whom the Clinton’s stomped in their stampede to power. When you have as many enemies as Bill and Hillary, you don’t need the Russians to intervene.

The second problem is that this is all a ruse, a distraction from the fact that Hillary is a mean, vicious, volatile woman, and an incompetent leader who left four men to die in Benghazi, then tried to cover it up with lies. An obscure Youtube video was blamed when it was clear that professional terrorists with mortars, for heaven’s sake, murdered four Americans. That’s a real case of fake news, one in a long line from the Obama administration.


The importance of the email leaks isn’t their origin, but their content. That’s what the left is trying to deflect. Don’t fall for the head fake. The email contents were real. And let’s not forget how Hillary compromised national security by using a personal email server open to the world to hack U.S. classified information, even email some to her daughter. Worse, she had her foreign maid enter a Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) to print out highly classified information for her. According to her closest aide:

Abedin told FBI agents that Santos had access to the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, at Clinton’s D.C. residence. She frequently “collected documents from the secure facsimile machine for Clinton,” according to notes from the FBI interview with Abedin.

“Just how sensitive were the papers Santos presumably handled? The FBI noted Clinton periodically received the Presidential Daily Brief — a top-secret document prepared by the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies — via the secure fax,” the New York Post reports.


If I or any of my colleagues did anything remotely like that, we’d not just be fired but likely sent to prison. Hillary is a  human wrecking ball who should have never been Secretary of State, much less president. That’s the bottom line to the whole saga.


So, keep your eye on the ball. Look at the content of the DNC and Podesta emails, not their speculated origins. Don’t believe the lies about Russian involvement in the election. Don’t believe the liars (including the CIA until they got caught) who said that Benghazi was a riot by common idiots upset about an internet video, and who said that they never abused classified information for their personal convenience. How gullible are you going to be?

Going back to the Assange interview above, he had it right that this is an attempt by the left to avoid turning over power to the duly elected president-elect. Remember that Gen. George Washington could have ruled for the rest of his life, but stepped down at the end of his term to show that America was different – that America ran by the rule of law, not cults of personality. Contrast his great leadership and example with Would-be Queen Hillary and the other cry-baby tyrants of progressivism in America today.

The election is over. It’s time to turn the page, put the progressive lies and disasters behind us, prosecute the guilty, and Make America Great Again!

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Moto X Pure Edition on Android 7.1.1

Back when the Moto X Pure Edition (MXPE) 2015 first hit the market, Motorola advertised that the MXPE would get rapid software updates. That never really came about. Lenovo bought Motorola and basically ignored the product line. The Android 6.0 update was a long time coming, and the stock MXPE still runs 6.0, even though 7.0 came out months ago and 7.1.1 is current. All we get from Lenovo is dead silence, with rumors of a Feb/Mar update to 7.0. I found that unacceptable.

So, I started poking around xda-developers again. I used a number of ROM builds on my old Galaxy S3, which I bequeathed to a family member. After researching several 7.1 builds, I settled on Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) by hashbang173. hashbang173 has done some great work with the MXPE in the past, so I had high hopes for AICP. He based AICP on CyanogenMod 14.1, to which he is also a contributor.

First step was a nandroid image backup in TWRP just in case things didn’t go well. I also backed up my MMS and phone records, and saved current settings for my email, launcher, etc. And, of course, Titanium Backup Pro had current backups of all my apps and their settings.

After all the backups, I flashed the 12/06 nightly build along with the Open GApps Project gapps mini file for 7.1 on arm64.

All this went very smoothly. It took around an hour to wipe my MXPE back to factory in TWRP, then flash the OS and gapps, then go through the initial setup, and finally restoring the appropriate apps from their TiBackups. The result was awesome.

Unlike some older AOSP ROMs, AICP doesn’t include an ad blocker, although it comes rooted with SuperSU. So, I had to load and update AdAway and restart. I spent the next day as time permitted tweaking the myriad of handy settings, especially the Status Bar. AICP includes an over-the-air updater to keep the geeks like me up to date on the daily builds. Each build gets even better.

hashbang173 and crew fix bugs quickly, and update the ROM promptly. They had Android 7.1.1 incorporated within a few days of its release. They also incorporated the December Android security patch within a few days. Lenovo still has the stock MXPE on Android 6.0 with May’s security update. They aren’t even trying.

The MXPE runs very smoothly on AICP, which duplicates the handy Moto gestures and functions nicely. I am really enjoying AICP.  Here it is in all its Android 7.1.1 glory:


Take that, Lenovo! Welcome to the Open Source world.

BTW, it’s chilly here!

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Meltdown and indictment of Hillary’s snowflake Millennials

I never thought that I’d agree with Piers Morgan, the rabid anti-gun Brit. However, truth is where we find it. Morgan’s observations are spot on. A few highlights:

STOP updating the exact number Hillary won the popular vote by, because it doesn’t bloody matter.

STOP marching around screaming your fury at the result when many of you couldn’t even bothered to vote.

STOP retweeting all your favourite celebrities’ own outbursts of pique, rage and anguish.

STOP demanding the Electoral College reverse the decision in December.

In short, STOP being such a faux-tormented bunch of absolutely deluded cretins.

He indicts the snowflake generation with the facts:

Participation prizes converted a whole new generation into people with no understanding of what genuine competition actually means.

This, coupled with the advent of social media technology that allowed them to post relentless ‘filtered’ images of themselves, led to staggeringly self-absorbed figments of their own perfection.

The combined effect of these two things has been to create a deep-rooted sense of entitlement that manifested itself in a breakdown of biblical proportions when Trump triumphed last Wednesday.

Well, welcome to the real world, my delicate little Instagrammed snowflakes.

Morgan also provides some data to go with those assertions

Try the National Institutes of Health, which reported that 40% of millennials believe they should be promoted every two years regardless of performance….

Oh, and 80% of millennials say they’ll be richer than their parents, yet more of them live with their parents than with a spouse, still take cash off their parents, and work half as hard.

Talk about delusional.

Morgan goes on to make pertinent observations about Donald Trump:

Winners like Trump don’t believe in ‘participation prizes.’ They believe you either win or lose.

Winners like Trump don’t weep and wail when they lose. They vow to win next time.

Winners like Trump don’t take days off to ‘process’ their loss. They dust themselves down and get on with life.

Winners like Trump don’t assume they’ll win. They do what it takes to win.

Winners like Trump don’t leave anything in the field of competition. They give it 100%.

This is called life.

Imagine if those who disagreed with Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012 had demonstrated and rioted, burned cars, and beat up Obama supporters. The Obama justice department would have investigated everyone involved’s grandmother, and his thugs would have burned cities down. All this shows that it is Hillary’s supporters who are the thugs, racists, and haters, and all the mainstream press’ lies about Trump and his supporters are simply projections of the progressive’s own racism, intolerance, and hate. Can you imagine another four years of this freefall in civilization? Praise the Lord that these Bolshevik thugs lost.

Time for the snowflakes to melt back into obscurity, and leave running the country to the adults who won the election and understand how to win again in the world for America.

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Judge Jeanine: ‘This Wasn’t an Election, It Was a Revolution’

No matter how you voted in 2016, you have to see this video. Judge Jeanine Pirro captures the heart of the election, or revolution as she calls it. She gets it, and even called Trump’s victory months ago:

“They told you you didn’t matter, that if you supported him you were probably uneducated, small-minded and irrelevant, you were beneath them,” Judge Jeanine said.

“Even though we felt forgotten, alone and beaten down, we all came home, because this wasn’t an election, it was a revolution.”

And after watching Judge Jeanine, if you still think she’s wrong, go listen to the ultra-liberal Michael Moore talk about the election. He also said months ago that Trump would win. Here’s how he answers the liars who say the election was about race:

Filmmaker Michael Moore pushed back today against the notion that Americans who voted for Donald Trump did so based on racism.

Moore, who warned fellow liberals that Trump was going to win the election, said Trump voters were motivated by economic pain and lost jobs more than anything else.

“You have to accept that millions of people who voted for Barack Obama – some of them once, some of them twice – changed their minds this time. They’re not racists. They twice voted for a man whose middle name is Hussein. That’s the America we live in,” said Moore, explaining that younger white voters turned out in record numbers for Barack Obama.

That’s from an ultra-liberal. Chris Plante on WMAL this morning said that diversity is like gravity – it’s all around you. The election had nothing to do with race, xenophobia, or anything else that the mainstream media and progressives rant on about. They didn’t get it before the election, and they don’t get it now. They lost, and they still can’t see why. That’s pathetic.

So, the lies from the left continue unabated. The professional, paid rioters continue to try to burn the country down. Was the leader of that group the woman that some really wanted in the White House? Liberals wanted four more years of elitist condescension, economic devastation and racial division? Apparently the LA, NY, Chicago, and DC bubbles protect their inhabitants from the reality outside their bubbles. Ignorance can be fixed through education, but you can’t fix stupid.

Congratulations again to President-elect Donald Trump, so spoke to the people, not past or above them. Time to make America great again – for all Americans, not just the “elite” in NY/DC.

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Why Hillary lost the 2016 Presidential Election – my opinions

I’ve read and listened to a lot of election analysis and opinions this week from a number of viewpoints. I have juggled all that in my head and have come up with my own position on why Hillary lost.

Before I get to my analysis, I have to note Hillary’s own opinion of why she lost. Hillary did not take responsibility for her corruption, caustic personality, shear meanness to those she considers below her station (like her Secret Service protectors, law enforcement, and military members), willful carelessness with classified information for her personal convenience, personal enrichment through the Clinton Foundation, and constant lies about all of the above. Instead, she blamed FBI Director Comey, apparently failing to consider that Comey would have had nothing to say or do if she’d done her job ethically and transparently as Secretary of State.

That said, here are my thoughts in no particular order:

  1. Hillary’s rampant corruption. WikiLeaks’ publication of Podesta’s and others emails opened a lot of folks’ eyes who may not have been familiar with the standard Clinton corruption scandals, or at least the depth of them. Bill Clinton remains one of only two presidents impeached by the House, and Hillary is his biggest apologist. Anyway, the WikiLeaks releases showed just how corrupt the Clinton camp is – from using the DNC to fix the primary in her favor to the pay-to-play between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department to purposely inciting riots at Trump campaign rallies. Even for a political cynic like myself, those emails painted a picture of a candidate who thought that she was above the law and had no ethical limits to what she would do to both make money and win the election. How did the Clinton’s go from “flat broke” (Hillary’s words) after they left office to an well over $100M fortune 16 years later? WikiLeaks gave us a pretty good picture. The Clinton Foundation apparently has but one real purpose – to increase the Clinton’s personal wealth. A recent survey showed that the #1 fear of Americans, chosen by 61% of those surveyed, is corrupt government officials. If you look up political corruption in the dictionary, the Clinton’s family portrait is there as exemplars. Hard working voters had enough of the corrupt Clinton dynasty. To illustrate how bad the electorate found her corruption, my black friends who did not vote for Trump (though many did), voted for a third-party candidate, not Clinton.
  2. Disenfranchisement of the forgotten voters. Liberals and progressives like to see themselves as social justice warriors for the disenfranchised, at least according to their definition. They apparently thought that disenfranchisement wasn’t a zero-sum game, but it is. While favoring their “oppressed of the week” list, be it their favorite urban minorities in Obamerica or the LBGTXYZACD alphabet crowd, the progressives not just left out the unfavored who have no place in their progressive utopia, they mocked them freely. They still do, calling these hard-working Americans vile names. Those “shadow” voters from rural areas, military veterans, and those who have lost their jobs to increased minimum wages, globalization, the war on coal, Obamacare, etc., apparently turned out in force for the only candidate who expressly cared and spoke for them – Donald Trump. What the liberals and progressives in their arrogance called fear mongering, the shadow voters clearly live as reality. Hillary’s contempt for these folks was clearly stated, and they turned out in droves to bury her political ambitions.
  3. Fear of a continuation of Obama’s disastrous policies. Obama has done more to destroy America than anyone since Emperor Tojo. Obama emasculated our military, turned us into an international laughing stock of weakness with his “America last” approach and apologies, weakened our economy by pushing increased minimum wages for unskilled labor, driving a record number of American’s out of the workforce due to despair, destroyed 1/5th of the U.S. economy with a hostile government takeover of the heath care industry, drove working Americans to despair with the costs and poor service of Obamacare, tried to eviscerate our civil rights from freedom of religion to the right to keep and bear arms by executive fiat and onerous regulations, and thumbed his nose at the rule of law and those who enforce the laws, resulting in regular riots in Obamerica and the wanton slaughter of young black men by other young black men. That’s Obama’s legacy, and Hillary promised to double down on all that. Such a future held only despair for those who love this country, and the shadow voters who Obama hoped he had beat into submission and silence turned out in droves to reject his perverted vision for the country. Obama campaigned hard for Hillary, making the election a referendum on his policies. Well, he got his answer when Americans backed Donald Trump’s vision to make America great again.
  4. The undisguised mainstream media bias. The mainstream media – ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, etc., as well as progressive online supposed news sites, were nothing but the propaganda arm for Hillary’s campaign. Someone observed that if you didn’t watch Fox News or Fox Business, or visit The Drudge Report daily, you wouldn’t know the extent of Hillary’s personal email compromise of extremely sensitive national security information, anything about the WikiLeaks releases or, initially, the Clinton Foundation corruption. The latter changed when it became too big a story for the MSM to ignore, but the MSM still minimized it. Denials of this fact only made the hypocrisy worse. We no longer have a First Amendment free press with the MSM, and anyone with a brain can see it. I laughed when I read a recent NYT re-dedication to objective reporting, which they still say was always the case during the election. Please. I believe that the overwhelming bias of the MSM actually drove people to Trump. Corruption begets corruption. The shock and crying eyes of the MSM on election night, and the ignorant tirades since, confirmed the obvious truth – Hillary was their entitled darling and a Trump victory was unthinkable to these “unbiased journalists.”
  5. Literal vs. serious. Speaking of Donald Trump, Selana Zito of the Atlantic (good article) observed that “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” Here’s my translation: while the progressives and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, took Donald Trump literally but not seriously, the disenfranchised shadow voters took Trump seriously but not literally. General Curtis E. Lemay once said that he would bomb North Viet Nam back into the stone age if they didn’t stop their aggression against the South. He was using a well-known (to non-progressives) language device called hyperbole.  Trump uses a lot of hyperbole, and smart folks take it as exactly that. However, the progressives ignored the clear intent of what Trump said and tried to turn it around into a negative. They apparently thought that no one would notice, but we all did. When they tried to portray Trump’s clarifications for their language-challenged benefit as policy walk-backs, the shadow voters weren’t fooled. The MSM’s progressive arrogance came across loud and clear in their dishonest reading of most of what Trump said, driving more nails into Hillary’s political coffin at the ballot box.
  6. The Founding Father’s wisdom. In the end game, what saved the election and the country from the Clinton machine’s abject corruption and contempt for America was the Constitution itself. You see, our founders looked at other attempts at democracy and saw that democracies inevitably imploded due to the tyranny of the majority. We see this today in places like Argentina. Pure democracy has been accurately described as two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. In the 2nd Amendment community, we describe the liberty inherent in a republic as two wolves and a well-armed lamb deciding on dinner. Changes the outcome a bit, eh? The Electoral College was designed so that no one area of the country can sway an election, but that all areas must be heard. If we had a pure democracy, California (LA Basin), Texas (multiple), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area), and New York (NYC metroplex) voters might be the only ones that counted because of their population dominance. The rest of the country’s voters would be irrelevant. The Electoral College avoids that travesty by spreading the power geographically while still accounting for large population centers. Candidates must campaign everywhere to get the 270 electoral votes necessary to win an election. That wisdom recently saved America from two dangerous and corrupt extremists – Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. Hillary ignored the “fly over” country as a bunch of benighted dolts, and that cost her very dearly. The Electoral College remains a critical tool to guard our liberty. Judging by the post-election hue and cry from the left, we have failed to teach several generations of Americans simple, basic civics. Or maybe we just need to give the civics-ignorant demonstrators a participation trophy.

So, there you have my thoughts on the 2016 presidential election at this time, subject to additional thought. Note that Comey did not make the list. America dodged a potentially fatal bullet when Donald Trump won the election. Trump won while spending half of what Hillary spent and with a fraction of the staff size. Trump appealed to potential voters across diverse areas of the country who were disenfranchised by the progressive policies of the last several decades, giving a voice to those who had all but lost hope. The “bitter” crowd that clung to their religion and guns, so described by Obama in 2008, has voted to flush Obama’s disastrous agenda and give Donald Trump the opportunity to make America great again.

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Help for anti-Trump snowflakes

For all those celebrities and other snowflakes who don’t understand or accept the design of our great republic that provides the Electoral College (here’s an awesome summary video on the history, purpose, and value of the Electoral College) to prevent a tyranny of the majority (like Argentina where voters in Buenos Aires rule for the entire country), here’s the information that you need:

Enjoy the trip, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out!

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Post-election thoughts and the violent left in America

I had a long post in my head on the just-finished 2016 election in which Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square, and the Republicans held both the House and Senate. However, in researching for my post, I came across two of Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points which said it about as well as it can be said. I will note that I’m not O’Reilly’s biggest fan, but he nailed this one.

The first – The People Revolt and Trump Wins – provides some excellent perspective on why Crooked Hillary lost the election, despite the mainstream media being the active voice of her campaign. Very well done by O’Reilly.

The second – Is A Civil War Brewing in the USA? – talks about meltdown of the American Bolsheviks left, with rioting, actual violent attacks on individuals, and threats of murder and assassination. These morons think that this is Venezuela, and are empowered by Obama and Clinton who spouted their hateful rhetoric and false accusations of racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc., during the election. The defeated left doesn’t get it even now. Obama empowered the thugs in Obamerica, and this is the harvest.

This chap calls out the rampant hypocrisy of the left, especially concerning accepting election results in our republic (Caution: contains some foul language):

Awesome. A lot of the thugs in the street are just being used as tools by an elite class that they claim to hate. I wish that was a new definition of stupidity, but sadly it’s all too familiar. So, this is for all you butt-hurt snowflakes:

So, snowflakes, the ordinary working people of America finally and soundly rejected the American Bolsheviks. The corrupt Clinton machine is dead. Lying Hillary has been relegated to the dustbin of history. Start acting like mature adults. America will be great again. Get over it.

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Congratulations, President-elect Trump!!!

America has repudiated the corruption and self-serving egos of the political establishment, and chosen to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again!!!


Actually, the democrats have been in decline since Obama’s disastrous election in 2008. Obama has divided the country and trashed America in front of the world in a way few could have imagined.  Everyone could see it except for the political elites and hard-core socialists. Look at just how small the areas that voted for Hillary were:


The Hillary voters live primarily in Obamerica. They want something for nothing, and that “nothing” comes from hard-working Americans who earn honest livings to provide for their families. Those hard-working Americans have finally had enough, and look now to Donald Trump for relief. It’s time to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again, and Donald Trump now has his hand on the drain plug!

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Trump is our only hope for freedom

Watch and learn:

Hillary belongs in jail.


Vote to make America great again! Vote for Trump!

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Message to Black Christian Voters

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