Posted by: reformedmusings | August 5, 2017

Who Supports Black Gun Owners and Freedom From Subjugation?

The amazing Colion Noir answers the subject question in definitive style:

Yep, the liberals hate liberty and personal responsibility, and want to keep law abiding Blacks unarmed on the Democrat plantations. Democrats are so upset over President Trump trying to free folks from dependency under the Democrat thumb that:


Yeah, let’s not forget that the Democrats are political party of the Confederacy, Jim Crow, segregation, and the KKK. It was the party of Lincoln, the Republicans, that fought against all those abominations. This video is instructive:

Don’t be fooled by the Democrat switcheroo. They only want Black subjugation to keep their power bases on the Democrat plantations in the cities. All the Democrat lies come down to that core point. An armed Black populace could fight back in crime-ridden neighborhoods, could take a stand against government overreach, would not be dependent on the benevolence of the Democrats with other people’s money. Hence the 2nd Amendment. Hence the NRA to empower all, including Blacks. Know who your real friends are, not the false ones with their handouts to keep you on the plantations.


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