Posted by: reformedmusings | July 9, 2017

So-called anti-fascists applaud Hitler speech, NRA has the antidote

This is precious. Don’t forget, Nazism wasn’t a movement of the right, it was a movement of the far left. Nazi party was the National Socialist Party. The games start at 0:35 or so into the video. Watch and be utterly amazed…or maybe not.

If you look up “moron” in the dictionary, these people’s pictures would be there en mass as exemplars.

This is how it started in 1920’s Germany, and how it’s starting in 2017 America. Be ready when the real American fascists come for your business and/or family. Which makes the following video about these so-called anti-fascists of the left all the more relevant:

And don’t forget that the video sequences in the background of the NRA video are actual footage of the leftist fascist in action right here in America. Nor will we apologize to the violent fascists of the left:

Keep your powder dry, America.

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