Posted by: reformedmusings | June 5, 2017

The Lies of Anthropological Climate Change Over the Years

First off, there’s no such thing as settled science. Science by its very nature an inquiry, continuous investigation, a questioning of the status quo assumptions. So, to say that anything in science is settled is to deny the core of what science is.

Second, President Trump showed great leadership and courage in pulling us out of the disastrous Paris agreement. Obama sold the USA out to socialism on a global scale. President Trump rescued America from a slow economic death.

That said, here’s a recap of the lies being sold by the socialist so-called scientists over the last several decades:



All lies. And it won’t end anytime soon. Models can show whatever outcome you want with the appropriate inputs as I’ve explained before. Don’t believe the lies.



  1. […] already have seen that none of the doomsday predictions of the social justice climate warriors has come true going back all the way to the 1970’s. […]

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