Posted by: reformedmusings | February 1, 2017

More Evidence That Violence is Individual-Centric, and Liberal-based

I have written before about academic work that indicated that the extreme violence and death that plague Democrat strongholds boils down to a small network of violent predators. The Guardian on the other side of the pond published an article that’s misleading in parts, but at the end acknowledges the violent predator networks. It’s a generally good article. The Guardian tries to pooh-pooh the idea that Democrat social programs contribute along with Democrat governance to the violent culture, but the data shows exactly the opposite. The violent predator networks only exist in Obamerica. Certainly the severe gun control laws contribute to the impunity with which the predators murder. The predator attrition rate would be much higher in the freer parts of America that shoot back.

I found another interesting study. Academic research shows that political liberals commit crimes at a far greater rate than political conservatives. The more liberal, the vastly greater the crime rate! Conversely, the more conservative, the greatly lower the crime rate. Color me shocked! Watching the events since President Trump’s election certainly give us a prominent example.

Elimination of the violent predator networks at the local source and re-education (or maybe just a real education) of liberals/progressives are two easy steps to make America safer!




  1. I’m not sure about your last sentence, especially your assessment of the steps as “easy.” I am puzzled as to how or where this “real education” is to be done when the majority of tax-payer funded public schools and institutions of “higher learning” are under the control of liberal/progressive unions, and tenured professors who are overtly anti-conservative. Perhaps your intent was that it be done in private conversations?

    • Good questions all. “Easy” as compared with failed and expensive nation-wide social programs that destroy peoples lives and keeps them enslaved on Democrat plantations. All we have to do is kill the bad guys. That’s doable.

      Agree with your observations about public education and universities. “Real education” or “re-education” would involve a cleaned up or replaced system after eliminating the Department of Education, re-instating right-to-work rights across the board, and returning schools to local control as they should be. Forced re-education from folks like Rush and Chris Plante is a good interim approach. 🙂

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