Posted by: reformedmusings | February 1, 2017

Democrats: The Party of Secession

Michael Goodwin over at the NY Post wrote an incredible article: Democrats are becoming the party of secession. It’s a must-read.

The Dems still don’t get the revolution that happened with the election of Donald Trump. Their denial and tantrums go beyond childishness – they border on sedition. If this had happened 8 years ago, the accusations of racism would never have dimmed. The hypocritical double standard nauseates me. They tried for 8 years to destroy the country under Obama, but America was too strong. Now they are paying the price, but the loss of power is driving them insane. They don’t get the real America that God, guns, and guts built. All they understand is how to abuse power and enslave a country on their Democrat plantation.

The 2nd Amendment has never been so precious a right as today when seditionists threaten our Constitutional Republic.


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