Posted by: reformedmusings | November 20, 2016

Meltdown and indictment of Hillary’s snowflake Millennials

I never thought that I’d agree with Piers Morgan, the rabid anti-gun Brit. However, truth is where we find it. Morgan’s observations are spot on. A few highlights:

STOP updating the exact number Hillary won the popular vote by, because it doesn’t bloody matter.

STOP marching around screaming your fury at the result when many of you couldn’t even bothered to vote.

STOP retweeting all your favourite celebrities’ own outbursts of pique, rage and anguish.

STOP demanding the Electoral College reverse the decision in December.

In short, STOP being such a faux-tormented bunch of absolutely deluded cretins.

He indicts the snowflake generation with the facts:

Participation prizes converted a whole new generation into people with no understanding of what genuine competition actually means.

This, coupled with the advent of social media technology that allowed them to post relentless ‘filtered’ images of themselves, led to staggeringly self-absorbed figments of their own perfection.

The combined effect of these two things has been to create a deep-rooted sense of entitlement that manifested itself in a breakdown of biblical proportions when Trump triumphed last Wednesday.

Well, welcome to the real world, my delicate little Instagrammed snowflakes.

Morgan also provides some data to go with those assertions

Try the National Institutes of Health, which reported that 40% of millennials believe they should be promoted every two years regardless of performance….

Oh, and 80% of millennials say they’ll be richer than their parents, yet more of them live with their parents than with a spouse, still take cash off their parents, and work half as hard.

Talk about delusional.

Morgan goes on to make pertinent observations about Donald Trump:

Winners like Trump don’t believe in ‘participation prizes.’ They believe you either win or lose.

Winners like Trump don’t weep and wail when they lose. They vow to win next time.

Winners like Trump don’t take days off to ‘process’ their loss. They dust themselves down and get on with life.

Winners like Trump don’t assume they’ll win. They do what it takes to win.

Winners like Trump don’t leave anything in the field of competition. They give it 100%.

This is called life.

Imagine if those who disagreed with Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012 had demonstrated and rioted, burned cars, and beat up Obama supporters. The Obama justice department would have investigated everyone involved’s grandmother, and his thugs would have burned cities down. All this shows that it is Hillary’s supporters who are the thugs, racists, and haters, and all the mainstream press’ lies about Trump and his supporters are simply projections of the progressive’s own racism, intolerance, and hate. Can you imagine another four years of this freefall in civilization? Praise the Lord that these Bolshevik thugs lost.

Time for the snowflakes to melt back into obscurity, and leave running the country to the adults who won the election and understand how to win again in the world for America.


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