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Why Hillary lost the 2016 Presidential Election – my opinions

I’ve read and listened to a lot of election analysis and opinions this week from a number of viewpoints. I have juggled all that in my head and have come up with my own position on why Hillary lost.

Before I get to my analysis, I have to note Hillary’s own opinion of why she lost. Hillary did not take responsibility for her corruption, caustic personality, shear meanness to those she considers below her station (like her Secret Service protectors, law enforcement, and military members), willful carelessness with classified information for her personal convenience, personal enrichment through the Clinton Foundation, and constant lies about all of the above. Instead, she blamed FBI Director Comey, apparently failing to consider that Comey would have had nothing to say or do if she’d done her job ethically and transparently as Secretary of State.

That said, here are my thoughts in no particular order:

  1. Hillary’s rampant corruption. WikiLeaks’ publication of Podesta’s and others emails opened a lot of folks’ eyes who may not have been familiar with the standard Clinton corruption scandals, or at least the depth of them. Bill Clinton remains one of only two presidents impeached by the House, and Hillary is his biggest apologist. Anyway, the WikiLeaks releases showed just how corrupt the Clinton camp is – from using the DNC to fix the primary in her favor to the pay-to-play between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department to purposely inciting riots at Trump campaign rallies. Even for a political cynic like myself, those emails painted a picture of a candidate who thought that she was above the law and had no ethical limits to what she would do to both make money and win the election. How did the Clinton’s go from “flat broke” (Hillary’s words) after they left office to an well over $100M fortune 16 years later? WikiLeaks gave us a pretty good picture. The Clinton Foundation apparently has but one real purpose – to increase the Clinton’s personal wealth. A recent survey showed that the #1 fear of Americans, chosen by 61% of those surveyed, is corrupt government officials. If you look up political corruption in the dictionary, the Clinton’s family portrait is there as exemplars. Hard working voters had enough of the corrupt Clinton dynasty. To illustrate how bad the electorate found her corruption, my black friends who did not vote for Trump (though many did), voted for a third-party candidate, not Clinton.
  2. Disenfranchisement of the forgotten voters. Liberals and progressives like to see themselves as social justice warriors for the disenfranchised, at least according to their definition. They apparently thought that disenfranchisement wasn’t a zero-sum game, but it is. While favoring their “oppressed of the week” list, be it their favorite urban minorities in Obamerica or the LBGTXYZACD alphabet crowd, the progressives not just left out the unfavored who have no place in their progressive utopia, they mocked them freely. They still do, calling these hard-working Americans vile names. Those “shadow” voters from rural areas, military veterans, and those who have lost their jobs to increased minimum wages, globalization, the war on coal, Obamacare, etc., apparently turned out in force for the only candidate who expressly cared and spoke for them – Donald Trump. What the liberals and progressives in their arrogance called fear mongering, the shadow voters clearly live as reality. Hillary’s contempt for these folks was clearly stated, and they turned out in droves to bury her political ambitions.
  3. Fear of a continuation of Obama’s disastrous policies. Obama has done more to destroy America than anyone since Emperor Tojo. Obama emasculated our military, turned us into an international laughing stock of weakness with his “America last” approach and apologies, weakened our economy by pushing increased minimum wages for unskilled labor, driving a record number of American’s out of the workforce due to despair, destroyed 1/5th of the U.S. economy with a hostile government takeover of the heath care industry, drove working Americans to despair with the costs and poor service of Obamacare, tried to eviscerate our civil rights from freedom of religion to the right to keep and bear arms by executive fiat and onerous regulations, and thumbed his nose at the rule of law and those who enforce the laws, resulting in regular riots in Obamerica and the wanton slaughter of young black men by other young black men. That’s Obama’s legacy, and Hillary promised to double down on all that. Such a future held only despair for those who love this country, and the shadow voters who Obama hoped he had beat into submission and silence turned out in droves to reject his perverted vision for the country. Obama campaigned hard for Hillary, making the election a referendum on his policies. Well, he got his answer when Americans backed Donald Trump’s vision to make America great again.
  4. The undisguised mainstream media bias. The mainstream media – ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, etc., as well as progressive online supposed news sites, were nothing but the propaganda arm for Hillary’s campaign. Someone observed that if you didn’t watch Fox News or Fox Business, or visit The Drudge Report daily, you wouldn’t know the extent of Hillary’s personal email compromise of extremely sensitive national security information, anything about the WikiLeaks releases or, initially, the Clinton Foundation corruption. The latter changed when it became too big a story for the MSM to ignore, but the MSM still minimized it. Denials of this fact only made the hypocrisy worse. We no longer have a First Amendment free press with the MSM, and anyone with a brain can see it. I laughed when I read a recent NYT re-dedication to objective reporting, which they still say was always the case during the election. Please. I believe that the overwhelming bias of the MSM actually drove people to Trump. Corruption begets corruption. The shock and crying eyes of the MSM on election night, and the ignorant tirades since, confirmed the obvious truth – Hillary was their entitled darling and a Trump victory was unthinkable to these “unbiased journalists.”
  5. Literal vs. serious. Speaking of Donald Trump, Selana Zito of the Atlantic (good article) observed that “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” Here’s my translation: while the progressives and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, took Donald Trump literally but not seriously, the disenfranchised shadow voters took Trump seriously but not literally. General Curtis E. Lemay once said that he would bomb North Viet Nam back into the stone age if they didn’t stop their aggression against the South. He was using a well-known (to non-progressives) language device called hyperbole.  Trump uses a lot of hyperbole, and smart folks take it as exactly that. However, the progressives ignored the clear intent of what Trump said and tried to turn it around into a negative. They apparently thought that no one would notice, but we all did. When they tried to portray Trump’s clarifications for their language-challenged benefit as policy walk-backs, the shadow voters weren’t fooled. The MSM’s progressive arrogance came across loud and clear in their dishonest reading of most of what Trump said, driving more nails into Hillary’s political coffin at the ballot box.
  6. The Founding Father’s wisdom. In the end game, what saved the election and the country from the Clinton machine’s abject corruption and contempt for America was the Constitution itself. You see, our founders looked at other attempts at democracy and saw that democracies inevitably imploded due to the tyranny of the majority. We see this today in places like Argentina. Pure democracy has been accurately described as two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. In the 2nd Amendment community, we describe the liberty inherent in a republic as two wolves and a well-armed lamb deciding on dinner. Changes the outcome a bit, eh? The Electoral College was designed so that no one area of the country can sway an election, but that all areas must be heard. If we had a pure democracy, California (LA Basin), Texas (multiple), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area), and New York (NYC metroplex) voters might be the only ones that counted because of their population dominance. The rest of the country’s voters would be irrelevant. The Electoral College avoids that travesty by spreading the power geographically while still accounting for large population centers. Candidates must campaign everywhere to get the 270 electoral votes necessary to win an election. That wisdom recently saved America from two dangerous and corrupt extremists – Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. Hillary ignored the “fly over” country as a bunch of benighted dolts, and that cost her very dearly. The Electoral College remains a critical tool to guard our liberty. Judging by the post-election hue and cry from the left, we have failed to teach several generations of Americans simple, basic civics. Or maybe we just need to give the civics-ignorant demonstrators a participation trophy.

So, there you have my thoughts on the 2016 presidential election at this time, subject to additional thought. Note that Comey did not make the list. America dodged a potentially fatal bullet when Donald Trump won the election. Trump won while spending half of what Hillary spent and with a fraction of the staff size. Trump appealed to potential voters across diverse areas of the country who were disenfranchised by the progressive policies of the last several decades, giving a voice to those who had all but lost hope. The “bitter” crowd that clung to their religion and guns, so described by Obama in 2008, has voted to flush Obama’s disastrous agenda and give Donald Trump the opportunity to make America great again.



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