Posted by: reformedmusings | November 10, 2016

Post-election thoughts and the violent left in America

I had a long post in my head on the just-finished 2016 election in which Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square, and the Republicans held both the House and Senate. However, in researching for my post, I came across two of Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points which said it about as well as it can be said. I will note that I’m not O’Reilly’s biggest fan, but he nailed this one.

The first – The People Revolt and Trump Wins – provides some excellent perspective on why Crooked Hillary lost the election, despite the mainstream media being the active voice of her campaign. Very well done by O’Reilly.

The second – Is A Civil War Brewing in the USA? – talks about meltdown of the American Bolsheviks left, with rioting, actual violent attacks on individuals, and threats of murder and assassination. These morons think that this is Venezuela, and are empowered by Obama and Clinton who spouted their hateful rhetoric and false accusations of racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc., during the election. The defeated left doesn’t get it even now. Obama empowered the thugs in Obamerica, and this is the harvest.

This chap calls out the rampant hypocrisy of the left, especially concerning accepting election results in our republic (Caution: contains some foul language):

Awesome. A lot of the thugs in the street are just being used as tools by an elite class that they claim to hate. I wish that was a new definition of stupidity, but sadly it’s all too familiar. So, this is for all you butt-hurt snowflakes:

So, snowflakes, the ordinary working people of America finally and soundly rejected the American Bolsheviks. The corrupt Clinton machine is dead. Lying Hillary has been relegated to the dustbin of history. Start acting like mature adults. America will be great again. Get over it.


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