Posted by: reformedmusings | September 4, 2016

Update from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS

So, the next point release has been out for a while, so it was time to upgrade my laptop to the next LTS. The laptop users don’t like change, so it jumps between LTS releases. My desktop takes every new release. I like to live on the bleeding edge, but that sentiment isn’t universal.

Upon updating the Ubuntu 14.04 files as usual, Ubuntu announced the new LTS release and asked if I wanted to upgrade. After restarting to finish the 14.04 updates, I started the 16.04 upgrade. It took about 2 hours (it’s an old laptop) and only asked about overwriting a couple of configuration files. The update proceeded normally and finished with no problems.

When the system rebooted, Ubuntu 16.04 was running flawlessly. Cannonical did an outstanding job with the update scripts. Just another reason that I like Ubuntu – it just works.


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