Posted by: reformedmusings | March 27, 2016

New firearms store in Arlington

NOVA Armory had their grand opening yesterday morning. That wouldn’t usually be a big deal, but the anti’s tried to stop the opening. They tried the same tactics that they used against the store in Cherrydale, but it didn’t work this time. Incidentally, the store front in Cherrydale is still empty, so the landlord really took it in the shorts when he caved to the antis. Oops.

The anti’s, as usual, used lies and almost truths. They claimed that 88% of the Lyon Park community voted against the firearm store in their neighborhood. What they didn’t say was that that less than 1% of the neighborhood even bothered to vote on their pet referendum.

The grand opening featured Delegate Rich Anderson, a personal friend of mine, and VCDL president Philip Van Cleave, and a representative of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. The store and the opening were packed. Of course, the press was present, including WTOP.


The crowd went way to the right of the picture above. The crowd inside packed the place to the gills wearing orange Gun Save Lives stickers, and was constantly refreshed for the hour that I was there. While the official opening wasn’t until 0900, folks started showing up shortly after 0800 and were welcomed.


NOVA Armory gave out 100 free t-shirts. They were gone in just a few minutes. From the time I saw someone with a shirt until I made my way to the former shirt pile was less than 5 minutes. 100 shirts, boom. Most folks in the store at that time did not get one. That’s an illustration of just how many folks showed. The pictures don’t do the crowd justice, because the crowd spilled out onto the Pershing Road side because it was so tight in the store and all the body heat really made the temperature inside uncomfortable after a while. That’s a lot of people.

Of course, the anti’s couldn’t let the opening go without their nonsense. The seven incredibly liberal politicians that represent Arlington at various levels held a mini-protest in Lyon Park about 2 miles away from the store. I drove by there on my way home. It was a cold morning, just over 40 degrees F, and the group at Lyon Park would not have exhausted the t-shirt supply, not by a long stretch. WTOP has a picture of their sparse turnout. Worse, the anti’s were so self-absorbed that they usurped people who reserved Lyon Park to set up for an Easter Egg hunt. Nothing’s more important to an anti than their own twisted anti-liberty message.

Yesterday was a good day for liberty and the freedom to open a legal business that sells the only consumer product protected by the U.S. Constitution.


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