Posted by: reformedmusings | December 24, 2015

2nd Amendment Civil Rights under fire again

So, two Islamic terrorists walk into a party, kill 14 and wound 21, a small number compared to their other plans.  They had legally purchase the pistols and illegally acquired two rifles purchased by another legally. The do all this in the gun control capital of the United States, California, which is rated #1 by gun control groups and has implemented every proposal put forward by gun controllers over the years. Who gets the blame from the royal emperor Obama? Why, law-abiding firearms owners of course. Obama wants our guns.


Of course, Obama’s post-killing speech was full of lies. Worse shootings happen in many other countries. America doesn’t even rate in the top 10 for violent crime in the industrialized world. John Lott has a number of great articles on this topic. Lott has a very nice statistical study and discussion that clearly puts the lie to Obama’s mantra. Very strict gun control didn’t save the French. But that doesn’t stop the parade of lies.

Law-abiding firearm owners in the U.S. currently own around 300 million firearms. The New York Times called for gun confiscation in a rare display of liberal honesty, but that would require changing the Constitution and confiscating said 300 million firearms. How do you think that would go? Don’t forget what sparked the hot part of the American revolution – the Brits were marching to confiscate colonist’s guns. That’s why we have a 2nd Amendment, not to shoot deer.

Clinton managed to pass the failed “assault weapons” ban, but it had no affect on crime whatsoever. Rather than address Islamic terrorism or serious mental health issues, it’s much easier for liberals to target and demonize law-abiding citizens. Hey, it worked for Stalin and Hitler. I’ve written on this many times before.


But, what was Clinton’s real goal? Dave Hardy researched the Clinton library materials for gun control stuff. He found that Clinton had a master plan to have the government gain control of firearm manufacturers and Federal Firearm Licensed dealers – the back door to eliminating the 2nd Amendment. I admit that even I was shocked to read of the scope of the scheme. Indeed, tyranny stands but a generation away, or less.

One of the enduring lies of the freedom haters is that armed citizens can’t stop mass killings. That’s a lie. Here’s yet another compilation with links of examples. There are many others that are difficult to find because disaster was prevented, hence the incidents don’t show up in statistics or news stories. The truth is, good guys and gals with guns prevent violent crimes every day. Every day. That’s why Detroit’s police chief encourages his citizens to arm up.

If America wants to survive the coming Islamic terror wave, it needs to become more like Israel and less like France.

To close on a lighter note, here’s the creative and true Gun Control Song.

Legally arm up and stay safe!



  1. Thanks for the information on the Moto X, it’s helped me bot rooting and then the jump to MM. But even more importantly thanks for spreading the word on the Gov. attempts to take away our freedoms.

    • You are welcome on both counts. Don’t miss Lobby Day on 11 Jan (next week). We need to show up in force. VCDL has buses going down to Richmond if you prefer that route.

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