Posted by: reformedmusings | November 15, 2015

Narcissism taken to new heights in Mizzou

I wrote here of the blatant stupidity of the narcissists in Mizzou, wanting everyone else to pay for and take responsibility for them, but have total freedom in the process. Well, after the horrendous mass murder by Islamic barbarians in Paris, the spoiled, narcissist children of Mizzou doubled down, equating the mass murder in Paris with the failure of the world to fall down and concede their childish demands and keep all eyes on their childish displays. These children are wasting our air and shaming their families. I can not find the words to describe the depths of my disgust.



  1. […] I wrote here and here about the whiners at Mizzou. Now Remy provided a great musical summary of their […]

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