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Installing TWRP and rooting the Moto X Pure 2015 in Linux

Before starting with this effort, one must first unlock the Moto X Pure 2015 Editions (MXPE) locked bootloader. If you haven’t already, do that now at your own risk. The instructions below assume that you’ve followed the linked process.

Now that your bootloader is unlocked, you can install the excellent alternate recovery TWRP and then root your phone.

NOTE BENE: Like unlocking your bootloader, changing your recovery and rooting poses some risk. So, if you follow these instructions and somehow brick your phone, your dog gets warts, your frog starts eating your steaks, or your car runs off with your pet python, you are on your own. I take no responsibility for what you do or the outcome. You have been warned.

Installing TWRP

  1. Download TWRP  for the Pure X from here.
  2. In anticipation of the next task, download SuperSU 2.46 from here.
  3. Open a terminal and navigate to the directory to which you downloaded the TWRP file.
  4. Ensure that your phone is charged to over 50%, then turn your phone off.
  5. Put your phone in fastboot mode by hold down the power and volume down buttons together until the fastboot screen comes up. It features an Android on its back with an access door open on its belly.
  6. Attach your phone to the PC with a USB data cable. Note that some charging cables don’t do data, so if you don’t get a connection try another cable.
  7. In the terminal on your PC, type “sudo fastboot devices”:
    • $ sudo fastboot devices
      $ [sudo] password for bob:
      $ 1234567890    fastboot
  8. Type the command “sudo fastboot flash recovery twrp-”:
    • $ sudo fastboot flash recovery twrp-
      target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes
      sending ‘recovery’ (34102 KB)…
      OKAY [  1.078s]
      writing ‘recovery’…
      OKAY [  0.662s]
      finished. total time: 1.740s
  9. This is critical: On your phone, use the volume buttons to navigate to the “Recovery mode” and tap the power button to boot into the recovery.
  10. Upon initial boot into TWRP, you will receive a dialog about making the system writeable. I don’t recall the exact message, but the upshot is to allow TWRP to write to system. Check the box that says don’t ask this again. These two actions make TWRP changes “permanent” and prevent the bootloader from overwriting TWRP recovery with the factory recovery.
  11. Congratulations, now you are in TWRP recovery.

You can get into TWRP a number of ways from a running phone. One can get into the bootloader by turning the phone off, then holding down the power and volume down buttons together. After you are in fastboot, use the volume buttons to navigate to “Recovery mode” and press the power button. That will boot you to TWRP.

A quicker way is to install Quick Boot from the Google Play store. One of the options in Quick Boot is to restart into recovery.


Hopefully you are still in TWRP. If not, go there. Once in TWRP:

  1. Tap on Install
  2. Navigate to where you downloaded SuperSU
  3. Select the SuperSU zip file
  4. Swipe to flash the file
  5. Reboot when the installation is complete

That’s it. Congratulations, you are now rooted and have full control over your phone. Use your power wisely!



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