Posted by: reformedmusings | August 8, 2015

Reaping what is sown in Obamerica

Gun-hating liberals have ruled Baltimore since 1967, so there’s no excuse in Obamerica. They’ve had their way unabated, and what is the result? Baltimore, one of the gun control poster children cities, is on track to set a new record for homicides. They may even take the murder crown from Chicago, where liberals have ruled since 1931, and Washington D.C. ruled by liberals since 1961, etc. See a trend in Obamerica? More gun control produces more violent crime, including homicides because it only disarms law-abiding citizens, not violent criminal predators, leaving the innocent helpless.

Still, gun controllers don’t get it because they don’t want to get it. In fact, the most violent radical gun haters are encouraging the SWATting legal open and concealed carriers using 911. That’s not the first time. We’ve seen this locally with a known gun control advocate SWATting an open carrier by lying about the carrier robbing a store. It happens around the country with innocent people killed by trigger-happy cops who “want to go home at the end of the day.”

Gun controllers try to portray legal gun owners as violent and unstable, but in fact it’s the gun controllers who openly advocate life-threatening violence against legal gun owners. Seems to me that the rabid liberty haters are projecting.

So, if you live in Obamerica, move to a free state or city where your constitutional rights are respected. Vote with your feet and tax money. Stay safe and remember, concealed is concealed.



  1. […] Obamerica is where socialist democrats have been ruling for decades, where government handouts are the dominant “income” source, and where gun controllers rule virtually unimpeded. Obamerica almost entirely consists of large cities, but some states make the grade. These all should theoretically be socialist utopias of peace and love according to the doctrines of the political left. The reality is dramatically different, which should be no surprise to people who can think. […]

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