Posted by: reformedmusings | August 2, 2015

How are those gun-free zones working out for ya?

Sean Davis makes some great points about gun-free zones over at the Federalist. Sean includes the violent and demented typical of radical anti-liberty types. Miguel follows those demented violent minds over at his blog GunFreeZone.

If supposed gun-free movie theaters and military sites don’t stop violent psychopaths, then how about cities? Ask Baltimore. They are well on the say to a homicide record. Maryland has one of the strictest gun control schemes in the nation. Welcome to Obamerica. How’s all that gun control working out for them?

Of course, across a narrow river with lots of bridges here in the free Commonwealth of Virginia, our crime rate continues to drop as the number of concealed carry permits and privately-owned firearms increases. Imagine that. More guns, less crime.

The problem is what’s in men’s evil hearts, not what’s in their hands.


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