Posted by: reformedmusings | July 25, 2015

Lafayette: Yet another attack in a gun-free zone

The tragic attack by a homicidal maniac in a movie theater in Lafayette, LA, targeted a gun-free zone. Here’s The Grand Theater’s rules:

The-GrandHT: GunFreeZone

When seconds counted, the police were literally only a few minutes away. That was too late. Nothing against the police – they cannot be standing next to us 24/7. We must take responsibility for our own and our families’ safety.

So how do concealed carriers play in this in gun-friendly zones? Not everyone is armed. Miguel over at GunFreeZone posted an excellent analogy. Don’t miss it. If you were a homicidal maniac, which bowl would you choose? History shows that only one mass killing in the U.S. occurred in a gun-friendly zone in recent history.

So, by all means carry legally, whatever that entails where you live and travel. And in doing so, follow Mas Ayoob’s 10 commandments for concealed carriers – wisdom distilled from both a law enforcement and civilian carry perspective.




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