Posted by: reformedmusings | July 19, 2015

How stupid is gun control?

This says it all, from Emily Miller’s Twitter feed:


For those unfamiliar, Force Protection Condition Bravo is a slightly elevated state of preparedness for an attack. So, in order to be prepared, you cannot have any firearms or weapons on the property. That’s telling the enemy that you know they are coming, but we won’t resist.

On the good side, one Virginian made a statement by standing guard over several military recruiting centers in Virginia. So, a civilian can guard a military station with his personal firearm, but the military members inside cannot defend themselves with firearms. That’s a gross insult to our military.

So, would gun controllers stop with firearms? Don’t bet on it. Violent crime surged in the UK after they passed their gun bans. The strong prey on the weak at will. Knives have become the weapon of choice for predators who aren’t big enough to strong-arm their victims. Now, liberals and cops want the subjects to turn in their knives! I’ve written about this before. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Liberals just don’t get that evil exists, and that violent predators are evil. Violent predators don’t obey any laws, much less gun control laws. If murder and assault don’t phase them, why would silly gun laws stop them? The only thing that stops violent predators is a good guy with a gun.

As for more gun control fails, ask the gun control capitals of Baltimore and DC how it’s working out for them, just for starters.


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