Posted by: reformedmusings | July 18, 2015

Chattanooga – More Islamic terrorist murders in gun free zones

This moronic administration absolutely never learns. Now another Islamic terrorist murdered five unarmed military men in cold blood. Our military men were unarmed because they were working in government-mandated gun free zones (pdf), which include all domestic military bases, government leased spaces, etc. At one point when I was in uniform, the regulations of the agency that issued my federal carry permit were clear: we were to be armed as little as possible in accomplishing our duties. Even with the training and credentials, we were generally not permitted to be armed in the States.

That head-in-the-sand approach to terrorism paid off handsomely for cowardly Islamic extremists yet again in Chattanooga this week. You can read about the unarmed military victims here, plus one. Instead of pulling a trigger in response to the attack in accordance with his best-in-the-world training, USMC Lance Cpl. Squire “Skip” Wells could only text his girlfriend “ACTIVE SHOOTER.” For Obama, that’s mission accomplished in feminizing and defanging our formally proud military.

The terrorists have no hope in defeating our military face-to-face, so they resort to cowardly cold-blooded murder of unarmed personnel. And Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, and their ilk are happy to oblige by expanding gun-free zones and disarming as many Americans as possible, including military personnel. This picture vividly displays the irony of the gun free zone:


Check out the gun free zone sign in the midst of the bullet holes. Perhaps the terrorist couldn’t read and was unfamiliar with the graphic? Gun control idiots must hold that neither of these shootings were possible since guns were not allowed in either place. The gun control lobby is succeeding where ISIS and other Islamic terrorists are failing by setting up Americans to be slaughtered at the whim of Islamic fanatics.

But the liberal would say that no one could see this coming. That’s a flat out lie. Michelle Malkin chronicles a succession of similar Islamic terror attacks on unarmed military personnel. Michelle points out how Obama called this an “unfortunate circumstance.” As she correctly points out, this isn’t a “circumstance,” it is a war.

But you’d never know that by listening to the lamestream media. They are doing pretzel yoga trying to avoid calling the Chattanooga murders a terrorist attack. Really? The media are either incredibly dense morons, or outright liars. Make your own call there.

There are still leaders in America, just not in Washington. Republican Governors in six states so far have ordered their National Guardsman to be armed. More must be done. The federal laws disarming the military at home bases must be repealed and, at the least, active duty military and retirees must be encouraged to be armed. Ideally, anyone with legitimate, credentialed access to military bases should be encouraged to be armed in accordance with the local permitting laws.

Will anything change? I doubt it. This administration lives with its head buried in the sand as our prestige has eroded around the world, and terrorists can murder Americans, including military members, freely in gun-free zones. As Michelle Malkin points out, this has been ongoing, and I believe that it will only get worse until we get some real leadership in Washington with a spine. This should be considered a national scandal, but our president simply thinks that it’s an “unfortunate circumstance.” In reality, it’s worse than a national scandal – it’s a one-sided war.



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