Posted by: reformedmusings | June 21, 2015

Liberals waste no time dancing in the blood of innocents

The smell of burnt powder still hung in the air at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, when Obama and Clinton jumped in with the usual gun control rhetoric. Of course, as usual, it was all based on lies. Mass shootings occur around the world. The worst ever (not by a govenment) was in gun-prohibitive Norway, which was also motivated by psycopathtic hate. David Harsanyi provides a good list of mass shootings in other countries. Don’t expect to see that list on MSNBC, CNN, or any other liberal media outlet. It doesn’t fit the spin.

Worse, NONE of the liberal gun control proposals would have avoided the tragedy in Charleston. The 21-year-old psychopath apparently bought his pistol in a store and passed the precious liberal background check. Even the liberal lie that 40% of gun sales do not go through background checks cannot be used in this case. He didn’t use a dreaded modern sporting rifle with normal capacity magazines. It was a simple semi-automatic Glock pistol that he had no problems reloading five times during the shooting.

The real problem is that evil exists. That’s what the liberals want to deny with every fiber of their being. There was nothing extraordinary in the background of this maniac. He came from an intact family, had friends, wasn’t bullied, etc., etc. He was simply an evil hater.

How did he come to hate? Through a politically correct public education which rewrites America’s extraordinary history, and through the liberal media’s lies, especially about the Trayvon Martin shooting. In other words, his twisted mind as expressed in his web-based manifesto (to which I will not link) was influence by the core teachings of Obamerica. Liberalism breeds division and hate. Obama and his cronies like Rahm Emanuel and Eric Holder have bred a disastrous amount of hate and division in our country. In the streets of Obamerica, that becomes riots and destruction. In the mind of a psychopath, that translates to murder.

So what’s the antidote? Since evil exists and no place is safe, we must be ready to defend ourselves and our loved ones. If even one individual in that Charleston Bible study had been armed, the carnage could have been contained. But Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was a gun-free zone. It’s pastor had voted against concealed carry in the SC Assembly. There are ample examples of good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns. There are entire websites dedicated to collecting these everyday occurrences. It’s past time to stop burying our heads in the sand and to take personal responsibility for a firm stand against evil.

I think that Samuel L. Jackson summed it up best:


Liberalism is all about devaluing life to promote abortion, euthenasia, etc. We need less liberal, politically correct lies in schools and in the mainstream media, and more truth about God’s expectations for us as clearly laid out in Scripture.

Evil exists. Get over it. Eliminate psycho-enabling gun-free zones. Be ready when evil comes to your church, school, home, etc.




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