Posted by: reformedmusings | April 4, 2015

Presbyterians and homosexuals together

Dr. R. Scott Clark penned an awesome article titled Presbyterians And Homosexuals Together: The Crisis Of Christ And Culture. Go read it.

I don’t have anything to add to Dr. Clark’s analysis. I believe that he’s right on target, including his assessment of the PCA’s situation. The PCA’s refusal to effectively deal with the Federal Vision heretics or paedocommunionists, both of which are contrary to our Confession, together with our questionable strategic plan construct, marks a definitive move towards a broad evangelicalism that’s currently trendy in some PCA circles, especially the secret National Partnership.

Confessionalism should be the rock that keeps a denomination together. Church officers in the PCA swear that our confessional standards contain the system of doctrine taught in Holy Scripture. It seems that some, however, take that oath with their fingers crossed. I’ve written on this many times here on the blog. The decline of the PCA is still reversible in my opinion, but probably not for more than another few years. Conservatives have already started leaving the denomination. The fewer confessional conservatives in the denomination, the faster the decline. Dr. Clark’s article cuts to the heart of the decline – words to the wise.


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