Posted by: reformedmusings | March 29, 2015

Very hot place freezes over – WaPo admits “hands up, don’t shoot” a lie

I thought I’d never see the day. Michelle Ye Hee Lee of the liberal Washington Post actually admitted that “hands up, don’t shoot” is a lie. The 300 lb. thug that attempted to kill Officer Darren Wilson never tried to surrender. He was acting on his intent to killing Wilson when Wilson shot him in self-defense. The forensic evidence, credible witnesses, and several independent investigations all agree on this basic fact. Yet, criminal-worshipping mobs and media liberals continue the lie. Go figure.

The rioting mobs are part of a subculture that remains alien and destructive to America’s survival – becoming a contributing part of the civilized society isn’t in their game plan. It’s so bad that the sub-culture even shames those who dare to communicate in a way that would help them succeed in the real world. It’s no wonder that thugs and murders are glamorized in that subculture. Obama could have made a huge difference in helping bring the entitlement subculture into the fold, giving them a chance for real success in society. Instead, Obama’s lack of leadership and ill-considered comments have fomented division and worsened the overall situation.

I always thought that Carter was the worst U.S. president in history, but he was just passively incompetent. Obama has taken that title away from Carter by actively dividing the country and attempting to take the country into the toilet. Sadly, he’s succeeding.


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