Posted by: reformedmusings | March 15, 2015

Holder lies about Ferguson in report and attempted ATF ammo ban

Economist Dr. John Lott exposes Holder and Justice Department lies about the situation in Ferguson. I say lies, because no self-respecting statistician would make the gross errors in analysis and logic publicly displayed in the report. Reporting disconnected figures and then drawing unsupported conclusions as if they were facts counts as lies in my book. This is typical of anti-libery gun controllers and race baiters. That’s the government that Americans elected two terms in a row. Breaks my heart to see.

So what else is the Justice Department up to? Trying to ban the most common sporting ammunition. After receiving over 90,000 responses and incredibly bad publicity, including an awesome response from Georgia Carry, the ATF backed down…for now.

Liberty is always only one executive order away from destruction in the Obama administration.


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