Posted by: reformedmusings | February 8, 2015

Global warming fraudulent data manipulation exposed

We all knew that, in the words of Christopher Booker, “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever.” Booker’s previous article recounted Paul Homewood’s checking of South American temperature data, finding it had been manipulated to increase the ground temperature readings, turning a cooling trend into a warming trend. Homewood checked other data around the world and found the same thing. Extreme cooling trends in the 1970’s were wiped out by carefully massaged data. Here’s another great summary of the situation.

In my career, if I had massaged data like that, people would literally have died. Accuracy and truth trump feelings and politics when the rubber hits the road. The truth in engineering always manifests itself because physics doesn’t lie. The Verrisano Bridge episode provided a graphic example. Although the global warming frauds continue to sell their wares to a gullible, science-ignorant public, their predictions have repeatedly failed to materialize. Few seem to notice. But the truth will become apparent, just as the global cooling lies did in the 1970’s.

The earth represents a complex open system that not only hosts intricate interactions on the planet and in the atmosphere, it also receives light, heat, radiation and charged particles of various types from the sun and inded the larger universe. Only arrogant men and women would claim to have a lock on a situation this complex. As I’ve posted before, the underlying equations require a host of assumptions to solve. A change in any initial or boundary condition requires reconsideration of the whole.

Science is about questioning more than answering. So-called “climate deniers” are the only ones practicing real science in the whole global warming debate. So why do so many pseudo-scientists sign on to anthropological global warming? As usual, follow the money. Science for sale. Sickening. Not how I was taught to do science in school. Ask questions, do experiments, collect data, ask more questions, repeat. That’s science. Massaging data, selling your message, collecting money, repeat, is not science. It’s fraud.


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