Posted by: reformedmusings | February 7, 2015

Background checks largely ineffective, all freedoms at risk

As gun controllers push for so-called universal background checks, which are really universal gun registrations that inevitably lead to confiscation, more evidence piles in showing that the existing checks are largely ineffective. The Oregon Firearms Federation reviewed the background check data from the Oregon State Police and found that only 0.025% of checks resulted in arrests. We don’t know how few or many of those resulted in eventual charges and convictions.

So, if background checks are so critical to keeping guns out of bad guys’ hands, then why aren’t more denied people arrested and convicted? Probably because criminals don’t opt to go through a background check that they know they won’t pass. They steal their weapons or buy them on the street. Duh.

Universal background checks are just a ruse to create a government database of all gun owners, to be used eventually to confiscate private arms in defiance of the Constitution:

Think that they respect the rest of the Constitution? Guess again. Your right to protected speech as codified in the 1st Amendment is not a right according to liberals, it is simply a special privilege. Therefore, the 1st Amendment only applies to credentialed professionals:

Sound familiar from the folks that think only the military and police should have guns, and then only when the government says so? Remember that the 2nd Amendment is the only earthly guarantee of all the rest of the Bill of Rights.


  1. I have two main problems with this argument. First, no one knows to what degree background checks can help keep guns out of the wrong hands, because we’ve never really done them in a serious, professional fashion. Index card-sized applications at the gun shop that get stored in cardboard boxes in an unknown number of warehouses, and not digitized for years, does not equal a searchable database. That’s what most background checks currently consist of.

    My second objection is to the statement that guns are the only thing guaranteeing rights. I haven’t owned a gun since I was a kid hunting with my father, and I am now more able to exercise my rights than I was then. I have more age, experience, money, education and credentials than I did then. All those things guarantee rights more than guns do.

    • I can tell that you are not familiar with the process for buying a firearm. You can read about the ATF Form 4473 online. It is not a postcard. It’s an extensive form with everything on it – your personal info and all identifying information on the firearm. Then, the data is called in for an FBI NICS check, as well as a Virginia State Police check here in the commonwealth. The 4473 is kept on file for 20 years. The ATF can go through records at any time, and routinely take copies although it’s technically illegal for them to do so. Every purchase under a universal check system would create records at the FBI and the dealer, followed by confiscation like in New York, California, et al. This isn’t theory, it’s actually happening today as I pointed out.

      The fact that you don’t own firearms is irrelevant overall. It simply makes you and your family ripe to be helpless victims of violent predators, like the Petit family in Cheshire, Conn. As Stephen King observed about the veneer of civilization in The Mist, “Sure, as long as the machines are working and you can dial 911. But you take those things away, you throw people in the dark, you scare the shit out of them – no more rules.” Personal firearms and proficiency therewith help keep loved ones safe when the veneer of civilization wears thin.

      Providentially, there are an estimated over 300 million firearms in private hands in the USA ensuring that the government doesn’t get out of hand, just as intended by the Founding Fathers. You can rest easy knowing that we are carrying the weight of keeping your freedoms safe from tyranny.

      • I’m not familiar with what Virginia does. I accompanied a friend to a gun shop in 2012 in a suburb of Los Angeles when he bought a pistol. The form was index card sized, and the merchant put it in what looked like a shoe box. I asked him what happened to those forms. He said, “Warehouse, unless someone shows up with a subpoena.” There have also been a ton of news stories about there being little cooperation between states, and how far behind the NICS database is. Here’s just one of those, because I’m not really interested in engaging in a battle of links:

        • I have a lot of experience buying firearms in many states. The ATF-F 4473 is a federal form required in every state of the union, and is definitely not an index card. You can download the form from I have no idea what transpired with your friend. Since CA has a waiting period, he may have already filled out the 4473 and simply filled out a short CA form when he picked up the pistol. I can only say what federal law requires, and has for a very long time.

          Your link, BTW, makes my case about background checks being inconveniencing eye wash affecting only law-abiding citizens, having no affect on criminals. Were it to become universal, the government will have records of every law-abiding gun owner so that they can confiscate all legal firearms, but nothing on violent criminals who will remain armed to prey on the disarmed.

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