Posted by: reformedmusings | January 14, 2015

Preparing for the barbarians – realistic assessment

As I commented earlier, the barbarians are entrenched inside the gates of the city. What’s the nature of the threat and how can we realistically prepare?

Gabe Suarez is one of the international gurus of physical security. He has written an excellent assessment of the radical Islamic attack in Paris: ISLAMIC TERROR STRIKES FRANCE – OUR PERSPECTIVES ON IT. He followed that up with EVERY MAN IS A COUNTER TERRORIST. You should read both articles to get a professional’s assessment, and it’s not pretty. Bottom line is that you as a concealed or open carrier may be the only thing between predatory, violent terrorists and a host of civilian casualties. You need to seriously prepare, as Mas Ayoob says, not because of the odds but because of the stakes involved.

Also understand that saving others may cost you your life. We in the military serve with that understanding, but you need to mentally prepare ahead of time for that eventuality. In all likelihood, you would be killed if you do nothing because that’s what the terrorists are there for, so you have little to lose. Personally, I’d rather die fighting back rather than begging for my life.

Is it really impossible to succeed with a concealed pistol against terrorists armed with AK-47s? Yes. Charl van Wyk did with a snub-nosed revolver against four terrorists with hand grenades, fully automatic rifles, and gasoline bombs. Trust in your training, take rapid and violent action against the enemy, be accurate, be ruthless, and be smart. Even before that point, stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Even a couple of seconds warning can make all the difference.

This is the land of the free and home of the brave. Let’s live up our American legacy.




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