Posted by: reformedmusings | January 10, 2015

Watch Amazon Instant Videos in Firefox on Linux

So, I bought a couple of movie DVDs from Amazon last week (Serenity and Inception). Along with the order acknowledgement, I received emails saying that I could watch them using Amazon instant video for a few weeks. The catch? Amazon video streaming requires Windows. Right? No way!

I found a website that showed me how to watch Amazon instant video in Firefox on Linux. I used their excellent step-by-step directions to load an updated HAL to run the video under the Adobe Flash plugin. I then went a step further to load Pipelight under WINE, then use the User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox to watch the movie with Silverlight. It all worked like a charm.

The open source community never fails to amaze me with their ingenuity. And Serenity was a great movie! It really ties up the loose ends from the excellent but short-lived Firefly show. (I reviewed Inception here.)


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