Posted by: reformedmusings | January 10, 2015

Perspective on poverty and the war thereon

It seems redundant to say that modern liberalism thrives on lies. When LBJ launched the so-called war on poverty (great read at the link) liberals crowed how they were building the Great Society. How’d that work out? After 50 years and over 22 trillion dollars (more than the sum spent on all of our wars since the Revolution), the percentage of those in poverty has remained at about 15%. That’s a massive failure by any measure. But then, liberals don’t believe in accountability through data.

But then we come down to the definition of poverty. Frankly, we have little if any real poverty in the U.S. David L. Goetsch wrote an excellent piece on poverty in America vs. the rest of the world. Goetsch questions whether people with cell phones, two cars, and big screen TVs can really be described as impoverished. He points out that America’s “poor” rate in the top 12% of income earners globally.

Like Goetsch, I’ve seen real poverty in the world. I’m talking about people living under pieces of scrap metal with no water or toilets in sight. People living in grass huts with dirt floors cooking over burning dung. No medical or dental care other than missionary doctors who come through every few years. No education and no advancement out of their situation. These places do not have democracies or capitalism to provide hope.

All liberals have succeeded in doing with over 22 trillion dollars is creating a permanent dependent class living off of the public dole. They have incetivized several generations into slavery on the government plantation. But, liberals have ensured that the slaves on the government plantation are placated with the “basic” amenities like cell phones, cars, big-screen TVs, DVDs, iStuff, etc. 88% of the world would gladly trade places with the so-called American poor. That’s the liberal slight of hand.

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. One core reason is that it is basic human nature that you get what you incentivize. If you incentivize people to stay on the government plantation with free money and goodies, that’s what you get. That’s OK with the liberals, because it provides them a permanent voting class at someone else’s expense. They don’t care about the millions of lives that they sacrifice to stay in power.

President Reagan had it right when he pushed welfare reform. In summary: “We fought a war on poverty, and poverty won.”



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