Posted by: reformedmusings | November 13, 2014

Another example of why Apple is evil

Own a Mac with a non-Apple boot SSD? Then you’d better read this article over on ZDNet. Yosemite disables the TRIM driver that enabled you to boot from your third-party SSD. If you “upgrade” to Yosemite, you brick your Mac. Nice, huh? See this link for a work-around.

Why is this? Apple is again using the security card to limit your hardware choices to their own products. Apple has been doing this since its inception, even using custom connectors and changing them with every new hardware device. Apple wants to own you in every sense of the term.

That’s why I steer clear of iJunk. With Open Source, I can use whatever hardware I desire, and Linux supports a host of hardware devices. I, in fact, boot from an SSD with no problems. I can have an SSD of any size or manufacture. I don’t have to worry about Linux suddenly writing my SSD out of use and bricking my PC. Let that be a lesson to the Gucci iWorld with more money than sense.


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