Posted by: reformedmusings | October 29, 2014

Repeat SWATer strikes again in Virginia

I wrote in this post about anti-gun zealots SWATting legal firearm carriers. Well, another incident happened right here in Northern Virginia. An individual known to police (as it turned out later) as a serial SWATter called 911 and lied about a legal open carrier committing a violent felony. You can read the details here, as well as hear the 911 call. As the linked article demonstrates, rabid anti-gun organizations and their members either tacitly or explicitly encourage and participate in these conspiracies to commit murder of innocent civilians.

We saw them succeed in having an innocent man SWATed to death in Ohio. The Inquisitr website has the FBI-synced SWATter’s 911 call and the Walmart surveillance video, clearly showing that Ronald Ritchie greatly exaggerated or outright lied about the victim’s actions, which resulted in not-too-bright Beavercreek officers killing Mr. Crawford basically for talking on his cell phone in a Walmart. Mr. Crawford was never a threat to anyone. Remember, he was walking around a Walmart on his way to purchase a BB gun and no one around him, other than the SWATer, showed any concern whatsoever. Mr. Crawford spends almost the entire 911 call simply standing in one place talking on his cell phone. Several witnesses testified to that effect. Again, I pray that the SWATter in that case, Ronald Ritchie, is charged and convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and whatever else he can be charged with. The victim’s family should also sue him for everything he has or ever will have. They should also file a wrongful death lawsuit locally as well as a federal 1983 civil rights suit against the officers involved and the Beavercreek PD.

Along with Philip, I want to congratulate the Fairfax County PD for their professionalism in not putting the SWATting victim in danger. Everyone remained calm and professional, and everyone went home safely. The trigger-happy Beavercreek police who could easily have been considered as having murdered Mr. Crawford should learn from Fairfax County.

SWATters must face felony charges for conspiracy to commit murder and worse. However, in this case as is typical with anti-liberty types, the caller is believed to be mentally ill. I’m not sure that the police are correct on that, because mental illness doesn’t necessarily mean the individual doesn’t know what they did was wrong. Repeat offenses should be enough to convict any SWATter. After all, this piece of dirt makes SWATting a habit. But even if the law cannot be brought down in full force, civil action can be. I pray that Mr. Dickens files a very heavy lawsuit against his SWATter. From a mental health commitment standpoint, Mr. Dickens SWATter is certainly a danger to others – one of the three criteria for involuntary institutional commitment.

Be careful out there, and to the best of your ability, cooperate with the police even when you know they are wrong and then take the appropriate action in court later. Go after the SWATters with everything at your disposal. After one or two go to jail with felony records or lose everything they have and will have, maybe then they will see the seriousness of murder by proxy.


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