Posted by: reformedmusings | August 21, 2014

Officer Wilson beaten nearly unconsious before shooting

Officer Darren Wilson was beaten badly by the 6 foot, 4 inch, 300 pound Michael Brown before firing his service weapon in self-defense when Brown turned back to attack him again. Here are more details on Officer Wilson’s serious injuries suffered in his beating by Brown. Imagine being barely able to see out of one eye after having your face broken by a huge thug, then seeing with your good eye that thug running at you to deliver yet another beating. We saw in the surveillance video how Brown shoves the store clerk by his throat and then towers over the man to intimidate him as Brown steals from the store.

Of course, you’ll hear none of this from the lamestream media. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the media all profit from portraying this as a racial incident. Two autopsies and the other witness statements already show that Brown’s accomplice lied about the events leading up to the shooting. Autopsies also showed that Brown had marijuana in his system. Only those who dig from the truth will see the truth that Officer Wilson shot Brown in self-defense based on a very real fear for his life, having already sustained a severe beating from Brown. Yet again, don’t believe the media lies.


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