Posted by: reformedmusings | August 18, 2014

The Michael Brown shooting – the other side of the story

Tired of the Sharpton/New Black Panthers/Holder/Obama/lamestream press race baiting?  It turns out that there’s a significant body of evidence backing Officer Darren Wilson’s side of the shooting story.

It turns out that some folks apparently started cell phone videoing just after the shooting. Both FoxNews and IJReview have partial transcripts of the Youtube video (private video). The video doesn’t show much, but the conversation on the video from apparent eyewitnesses back the officer’s version of events.

Here’s the surveillance video of the strong-arm store robbery purportedly showing Michael Brown and an accomplice. The descriptions match pretty closely. Imagine that 6 foot 4 inch, 300 pound frame charging at you in the street. It was shoot or die for the officer. More on that below.

Then there’s someone calling themselves “Josie” who purports to tell Officer Darren Wilson’s side of the story. It matches the official story, the video conversation, and the autopsy results closely.

Oh yeah, the autopsy report. It clearly shows that Brown was shot in the front, consistent with him charging the officer. The locations of last shots in the head are consistent with Brown lowering his head to tackle or head-butt the officer at the end of his charge.

So, working backwards from the autopsy report, through Josie’s narrative which matches the official statements, and backed up by the video transcript, and the conduct seen in the surveillance video from the robbery, the story is consistent. Officer Wilson was rightly in fear for his life and reacted correctly under the circumstances.

One more thing. Brown wasn’t shot over a box of cigars. Brown was shot because he apparently chose, of his own free will, to violently attack a police officer. And Brown was not unarmed. He was allegedly using his 6 foot 4 inch, 300 pound frame as a deadly weapon against the officer. That’s called “disparity of force” in the law, and provides the legal basis for using deadly force in self-defense. Remember that.

The Michael Brown shooting isn’t about race, it’s about the facts which are independent of race and politics. When you see the race baiters on TV or hear them on the radio, remember, they are devoid of facts – empty bags of ill wind. Don’t be fooled. Remember the Sharpton/Holder/Obama/lamestream press race baiting in the Zimmerman self-defense case from Florida? Remember the use of a childhood picture of Zimmerman’s violent attacker to gain sympathy where none was due? They were all wrong or lying or both. George Zimmerman was exonerated by a jury of his peers who heard ALL the facts, not just the Sharpton/Holder/Obama/lamestream press race baiting, carefully crafted spin. Now they are at it again.A thorough investigation is in progress by the local and state police departments. Final judgement should be withheld until that investigation is complete. Theirs is the only apolitical investigation seeking the true facts, as opposed to the race-based spin that Holder’s politically-biased DOJ will try to produce from whole cloth.Truth is the inevitably the first casualty in politics.



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