Posted by: reformedmusings | November 2, 2013

CyanogenMod 10.2 M1 with Android 4.3.1

So I noticed the announcement of CyanogenMod 10.2 M1 and decided to give it a go on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I had earlier decided to stick with “stable” builds, but “milestone” builds are near-release candidate quality and users reported the recent “dailies” as being very stable. CM 10.1.3 works great, but I really wanted to try Android 4.3.

Because Google Apps changed compatibility in 4.3, Google Apps for Android 4.2 won’t work in 4.3. This requires flashing CM 10.2 M1 in recovery mode, followed by flashing Google Apps for Android 4.3 before restarting your device. I downloaded the 10.2 M1 ROM from CM’s repository, then Google Apps from here. I followed the directions on CyanogenMod’s forum exactly. Everything worked perfectly. Ensure that you have plenty of battery available just in case. Mine only used 7% in the upgrade, buy YMMV.

Net result:



Read the notes carefully at the end of the CM forum post. I had to fix my phone link as noted there because Google changed it in Android 4.3. There are other changes in 4.3.1, so read Google’s page and play around. I did some customizing, but have not had any issues.



  1. I’ve also got an S3, and last night upgraded to the newest Cyanogenmod snapshot. However, I found it to be slow and crashy for some reason. After a couple of reboots, my phone failed to even boot, so I was forced to boot into Recovery and flash back to 10.1.2 with the appropriate Gapps in order to even make my phone usable. However, I’ve got Verizon, so perhaps their Secure Boot had something to do with it (I had to hack their bootloader in order to install Clockworkmod).

    • The Verizon thing could be it. I was able to install CWM with no problem once I was rooted. Still no issues here.

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