Posted by: reformedmusings | October 21, 2013

Monitoring system sensors in Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander

I had been using indicator-sensors for several years to monitor my system. It worked great and did exactly what I wanted. However, the pull-down display of all the sensors didn’t work correctly. A shorter list appeared that had two sensors, some blank space, and then the menu items. I tried reinstalling, but no change.

So, I again tried Psensors again. A few years ago, it did not do what I wanted. Since then, Psensors has been greatly improved. It now sports a useful top panel icon and displays the sensor value of choice on the Unity launcher panel.

The top panel icon doesn’t look like much:


It’s the thermometer icon on the left. But click on the thermometer, and you hit paydirt:


All the sensors appear! The “Show” item at the top displays the graphs:


The history is interesting, but the min and max value could be helpful in spotting trouble coming.

Then on the Unity launcher panel, the selected value from the graph window displays in the Psensor icon (second from the top, 43 deg C):


So now Psensor gives me a real-time temperature of interest and quick access to the entire sensor array. That’s a winner for me at this point. I’d rather have the temperature value on the top panel and not eat a Unity launcher position, but there’s still hope!


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