Posted by: reformedmusings | September 24, 2013

Defending against the barbarians at the gate

Barbarian: A fierce, brutal, or cruel person.

Once again, Islamist terrorists have demonstrated their cowardice by slaughtering unarmed civilians. See a trend (21640 terrorist attacks around the world since 9/11)? Everywhere that the jihadists have face a trained military like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Philippines, and Somalia, the military wipes the floor with the slime. So, the cowards have to attack unarmed women and children to have any chance.

This time the Islamists attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, executing non-Muslim women, children, and men. They killed 68 and wounded 175 unarmed civilians at last count. Wow, how brave.

Bill O’Reilly gave a great summary of what motivates the barbarians. O’Reilly posits that the Islamist cowards simply want to kill Christians and Jews. O-Reilly has the cowardly Islamist attack that killed 81 unarmed Christians in Pakistan to support his point. I think that there’s certainly a large element of truth there, but these barbarians are also just like those that preceded them in the dustbin of history – they want power and control. They hate the freedom that we enjoy in the West and desire to impose their perverted dictatorship on people through terror. The barbarians cannot defeat us directly, so they attack unarmed women and children.

The jihadists have advertised repeatedly that they want to perform these cowardly attacks here in America. They like soft targets like malls and schools as demonstrated in Mumbai, Nairobi and Beslan. Islamists particularly stated that Beslan served as a dressed rehearsal for attacks in the U.S. The problem for the cowardly jihadists is that we have the 2nd Amendment in the U.S.

Security at the perimeter of any soft target has little chance of success against a well-planned terrorist attack. The mall in Nairobi and the Washington Naval Yard both had armed guards. The attackers merely overwhelmed them in seconds. Success is found with defense in depth as Israel practices – armed defenders ready to fight back. I’ve personally witnessed this in Israel, and it’s very effective. In Nairobi, an armed former British Marine saved 100 lives. One armed citizen stopped the attack on a mall in Clackamas, Oregon. There’s quite a list of such mass murders stopped by armed citizens in the U.S. The 2nd Amendment works.

Do Americans get it? Apparently not the Obama government, the state media, or even some so-called security professionals. One so-called specialist suggests always looking for places to hide or escape. That’s great if you cannot or will not take responsibility for your safety and that of your family, delegating your protection to police who will be late to the party and generally ineffective after the first few minutes as the situation devolves into a hostage scenario. On the other hand, being armed and trained may save yours, your families, and others’ lives. Remember that the Islamic terrorists don’t plan on surviving, and murdering hostages it their cowardly way of life. Think that you can beg or negotiate with suicidal barbarians? Good luck.

The myth that anti-liberty types promulgate is that one or a few armed citizens could not defeat determined mass murderers. First, that’s not necessarily the case. Second, you don’t have to defeat the entire attack. Simply either disrupting the initial phase of attack with unexpected resistance and/or holding an exit open long enough for large numbers to escape will save lives. That’s all that’s necessary and a very realistic outcome during the initial, chaotic moments of an attack.

Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, and their anti-liberty friends want to make America safe for Islamic terrorists and other mass murderers and wide open for another Nairobi, Mumbai, or Beslan. Our founding fathers possessed the wisdom to preserve the liberty necessary to prevent and/or disrupt these mass murders and enshrined that wisdom in the 2nd Amendment. Don’t believe the anti-liberty lies.

Today, New York, Chicago, California, Maryland, Washington D.C., et al, present soft targets desirable to Islamic cowards. Even without terrorists, gun-control-heaven Chicago is the murder capital of the country., surpassing the leading gun-control-heaven of Washington D.C. What individual violent predators can do now, terrorists could multiply a hundred fold in the soft-target-rich gun-free zones.

Be ready. Arm yourself and get good training. It beats hiding under a table and praying that the murderous cowards don’t find you, or worse, watching them murder your spouse and children.



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