Posted by: reformedmusings | September 19, 2013

Another government sponsored, gun-free zone mass murder – when will we learn?

So, here we are again. Another vicious predator preys on unarmed victims – victims purposely disarmed and rendered helpless by their government (PDF). This attack was yet another example of the impossible. Washington DC has the toughest gun control/subject disarmament laws in the country. You cannot carry a firearm outside of your domicile or business in DC for self-defense. On top of that, the government forbids firearms on their military bases except for the police and actual use in training. Additionally, the Washington Naval Yard has rings of security – in this case at the entry gate and again to enter the building. This presents a gun controllers paradise. So, the Washington Naval Yard is a double gun-free zone with several rings of armed security.

Yet, an evil, deranged psychopath managed to use a Biden-approved shotgun to murder 12 government-disarmed workers without appreciable opposition. We didn’t learn the lesson of Fort Hood, so more have now paid the ultimate price for a failed policy.

Of course, the liberty haters still don’t get it. Obama is using this latest tragedy to push more gun control – the very policy that has cost dozens of lives in the last few years. Every single mass-murder by firearm except one has been made possible by gun-free, predator-friendly zones. All but one. How stupid do you have to be to miss the obvious message?

Miguel at Gun Free Zone wrote an excellent analysis on how this shooting represents a disaster for anti-liberty gun grabbers. The Washington Navy Yard, even more than murder-capital Chicago (with 500 murders last year), is a gun haters dream, but all the laws and active security could not prevent the murder of 12 by a predatory psychopath.

A Harvard study provides further evidence that gun control is counter-productive. You won’t see that study mentioned in the state media, though. The state media never reports inconvenient facts unless embarrassed into such reports.

Worse, the state media jumps on falsehoods without checking. Many reported that the Navy Yard shooter used an eeeevil, black AR-15 without seeking official confirmation. Why bother? That lie fit their agenda. When it turned out that the shooter used a common hunting shotgun, apparently the only type of firearm endorsed by the useful idiot Joe Biden, the state media simply stopped reporting on the weapon type. I didn’t see any mea culpas or formal corrections issued. Inconvenient truths don’t get reported.

Emily Miller wrote about the absolute rarity of mass murders, yet the state media blows them out of proportion to drive the anti-liberty agenda, making them seem like every-day affairs. Tragic as they are, their rarity would never be guessed from the state media. The old Eagles’ song “Dirty Laundry” again comes home to roost.

As Miguel points out, the liberty-hater’s formula of “Unarmed Civilians + Gun Free Zones + Police & Military with weapons = World Peace!” fails miserably every time. The Hutus massacred somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Tutsis mostly using machetes. With or without firearms, Evil thrives when its victims are unarmed and defenseless. When will we learn? Apparently, our elitist leaders and their slavish state media machine would rather dance in the blood of innocents than recognize the truth.


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