Posted by: reformedmusings | August 8, 2013

Evil, Martin-Zimmerman, gun-free zones, and Obama’s sons

Have some articles to catch up on. First is a great piece by Dennis Prager called Conscience, Not Guns. I wrote a post in a similar vein about Evil Control, Not Gun Control. There are evil people who prey on innocents. That’s a fact that progressives don’t want to grasp. Prager makes some excellent observations:

We are [led] to believe after almost every massacre that the murderer “snapped” or had mental problems. Why? Because it implies that the murderer was not morally responsible for what he did.


On some rare occasions mental illness may be the only possible explanation for evil. But when American schools emphasized character development, and when nearly all Americans believed that there is a God who forbids and punishes murder, such massacres rarely took place. When people “snapped” during the Great Depression some of them did kill … themselves.

Prager concludes:

Want to know a major cause of criminal violence in America? Try leftism’s denial of the importance of moral values among nations and individuals; its systematic destruction of character education; and its elimination of God as the source of moral law.

Not guns.

He gets it. The left can’t afford to get it. Think about it. If the left were to admit that evil and specifically evil people are the source of crime and degradation in society, then the only solution would be for God to change people’s hearts.  Government handouts have no ability to change people for the better. The government should simply firmly and fairly enforcing moral laws while schools should emphasize moral character. Libtards would be out of business. So, they necessarily have to downplay or deny evil and concentrate on ineffective approaches that involve social engineering. It’s the only way liberals can be relevant. And since all their efforts are doomed to failure, libs have job security. It’s a self-licking ice cream cone.

Speaking of getting it, if you haven’t been following Mas Ayoob’s expert analysis of the Zimmerman trial, you should be. I posted before about his series here and here. He’s now up to 12 posts, including analysis of both the defense and prosecution teams. Reading the entire series through will provide incredible details and analysis that you’re not going to see in the lame-stream media. Mas’ post on The Propaganda Factor especially shines.

On gun-free, predator-enabling zones, Nick Dial on Law Enforcement Today wrote an excellent article in Gun-Free Zones: A Threat to Every Child. In it, Dial observes:

If the world operated and abided by with what was put down on paper, we would live in a much safer place. However, this is not the real world. The very people this policy and law is aimed at are the exact same people that will violate it every time.

Yep. Dial’s research into Cesare Beccaria and his ties to Thomas Jefferson’s thinking on crime and freedom sets his analysis apart from the norm. Great read.

Lastly, I wonder if Obama had sons, would they look like these three thugs:

Perhaps they could have been Obama 35 years ago. What wasn’t widely reported is that the three black 15- and 16-year-olds brutally assaulted a white 13-year-old. In fact, all the video that I saw on TV and even the Internet was carefully edited to hide the fact that the victim was white by starting the clip after the victim was below seat level. Hate crime? Where’s Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? Eric Holder? Oh, black thugs with a white victim. Nothing to see here, except to discover who the real racists are.

Martin Luther King would be ashamed of this crop of race baiters who measure everything by the color of a man’s skin rather than the content of their character. Evil is as evil does.


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