Posted by: reformedmusings | July 23, 2013

Facts the mainstream media hid on the Martin-Zimmerman case

This video presents an excellent summary of facts that you won’t hear from the mainstream media about Trayvon Martin. There was some success in suppressing critical information about Martin, and the jury never heard what kind of person that he was. However, several Internet sites put a huge effort into researching and documenting his background, including why he likely bought Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail (not iced tea as the media reported) and Skittles. The American Thinker put together the time line for that night.

Bill Whittle put together a quick video on Martin’s background:

Never heard those facts before? I hope that you are not shocked by the media’s cover up. If you work through the American Thinker site, you will find screen captures of Martin’s Facebook and Youtube pages before they were purged in an attempt to cover up his drug use and violent tendencies.

All that was hidden from the Florida jury, and yet the facts were still compelling enough to exonerate Zimmerman. The system worked.

While you’re reading, don’t miss Mas Ayoob’s ongoing commentary on the case, talking about the gun and the what ifs. Great stuff from a real expert.



  1. […] expert analysis of the Zimmerman trial, you should be. I posted before about his series here and here. He’s now up to 12 posts, including analysis of both the defense and prosecution teams. […]

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