Posted by: reformedmusings | July 20, 2013

Stand Your Ground statistics show color blindness

Here’s a surprise. As people hold small demonstrations around the country trying to make the country safer for thugs and predators, they’ll find no help from the history of stand your ground laws. It turns out that the law is color blind.

Tampa Bay Times looked at the history of Florida’s statute over some 200 cases to see how it has been applied. Not surprisingly to those of us who stay informed while eschewing the mainstream media’s twisted lies, the law has worked even-handedly as designed:

  • Whites who invoked the law were charged at the same rate as blacks.
  • Whites who went to trial were convicted at the same rate as blacks.
  • In mixed-race cases involving fatalities, the outcomes were similar. Four of the five blacks who killed a white went free; five of the six whites who killed a black went free.
  • Overall, black defendants went free 66 percent of the time in fatal cases compared to 61 percent for white defendants—a difference explained, in part, by the fact blacks were more likely to kill another black.

The only people disadvantaged by laws recognizing law-abiding citizens’ God-given right to self-defense are thugs and predators. Of course criminals don’t like the laws – they add risk to their chosen, twisted professions.

So, when you see all these people protesting self-defense laws, ask yourself why they side with thugs and predators. Better yet, ask them. While your at it, ask them why they still use Martin’s picture as a 12-year-old or the media-doctored hoodie photo rather than actual photos of the large, 17-year-old thug wannabe. You already know the answer to both questions – they prefer lies to the inconvenient truth.


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