Posted by: reformedmusings | July 20, 2013

Could these have been Obama 35 years ago?

One has to wonder why no outrage from the gangsta-in-chief over incidents like those listed in this compendium. I guess those victims and incidents were not worthy of consideration by the president. There’s everything in the linked article from families terrorized on picnics to mob beatings on the street. Could the gangsta-in-chief have been those mob members been just like “….Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” The president certainly left that avenue open. Sounds to me like there’s no political hay to be made by the president because he’s not the leader of all the people, just those on whose votes he can count and pander for with some hope of success.

Crime is not limited to one ethnic or any other group, not by any stretch. When I get into an elevator with a young woman and there’s only the two of us there, sometimes I can sense her stiffening and even subtly moving away. Believe me, I’m white, middle-aged, and average sized and don’t look like a threat to anyone. I even shower daily. I don’t take offense, though. I understand that these ladies may have a friend or relative who has been assaulted, or perhaps even they themselves. I remain pleasant and move on with my day after leaving the elevator. No offense taken at all. I empathize with their concerns.

I wish that it did not have to be so. I wish that Adam had not eaten of the forbidden the fruit in the garden. But he did, and I cannot change that fact. All I can do is recognize the reality of brokenness, sin, evil, and real threats in the world and prepare as best I can to protect myself and my family. Stand-your-ground and concealed carry laws provide powerful tools to deter criminals and protect potential victims. Self-defense is not a right granted by governments, but is ordained by God Himself.

Trayvon Martin's real photo on the left, media doctored photo on the right. All the  lies fit to print.

Trayvon Martin’s real photo on the left, media-altered photo on the right. All the lies fit to print. HT: TheConservativeTreeHouse

The president, in declaring himself gangsta-in-chief and siding with a thug (outstanding article at this link on the whole media coverup) over the thug’s intended victim yesterday, and further seeking to take away law-abiding citizens’ right to protect themselves and their families against thugs, sent a clear message that he doesn’t represent anybody of any color who have been, or will be, or even may be victimized or terrorized by thugs. After all, by his own statement, our president could have been those thugs. Thinking on his ill-conceived remarks brings me no comfort, but does make me glad to live in a free and diverse commonwealth with many like-minded, law-abiding citizens of all ethnic backgrounds. The only colors that matter here are red, white, and blue. Ah that it were so across the river.



  1. […] with the family terrorized and beaten by a biker gang in NY, a fairly common occrrence. I wonder if Obama could have been those biker thugs, or they could have been his sons. Welcome to Obamerica. More object lessons that the unarmed are […]

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