Posted by: reformedmusings | July 19, 2013

Trayvon Martin, Barack Obama, and the politics of race

So. Well. Obama took another major step in dividing America by legitimizing thuggery in an ill-advised speech today (link complete with excellent rebuttal). The divider-in-chief took racial division to a new level of absurdity. Martin Luther King (“…they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”) would be ashamed of Obama’s blatant excusing of criminal behavior because of the color of a thug wannabe’s skin.

So, the president could have been Trayvon Martin, a dope-smoking thug wannabe? Really? The president declares himself as the gansta-in-chief? So much for the dignity of the office. Ronald Reagan would never take off his suit jacket in the Oval Office, but Obama degrades with a few minutes of emotional rant.

If the president really cares about the violent deaths of black teens, why isn’t he making weekly appeals to save the piles of victims in, say, Chicago. Over 500 homicides occurred in Chicago, a gun-control Mecca, last year alone. Black-on-black homicide constitutes an epidemic in Obamerica. Yet, the gansta-in-chief makes no emotional appeals on behalf of the besieged of Chicago or other murder centers that make up Obamerica.

The gansta-in-chief could be making frequent impassioned appeals for black women to avoid activities that produce welfare children which guarantee their life-long poverty. He could appeal frequently for black men in Obamerica to study hard in school, get real jobs, work hard to be valuable employees, and take responsibility to raise the children that they create. If the gansta-in-chief is so worried about people locking their car doors, then he should use his position to encourage, even demand, that thugs and wannabes change their behavior, including their speech and dress, to stop being and looking like thugs and become and look like respectable citizens.

BTW, the evidence shows that Zimmerman wasn’t sure of Martin’s race when he called 9-1-1. He noted Martin because of his suspicious behavior, despite liberal NBC’s shameful editing of the 9-1-1 call. Obama missed that one by a mile. If you act like a thug and dress like a thug, expect to be treated like a thug regardless of the color of your skin.

Obama apparently would rather defend a thug who asaulted a poorly-chosen victim, empathizing with the thug rather than the overwhelming number of hard-working, honest, productive folks contributing to our great country. He even sent his so-called Justice Department to stir up trouble for the victim in the attack. Meanwhile, black conservatives who do push for wholesome values and behaviors are ridiculed and excluded from the conversation. Sad.

Let’s look at things from the other way around for a second. What if a black man shot a white teenager while claiming self-defense? (Yes, I realize that Zimmerman is Hispanic, not Caucasian.) And what if that black man were acquitted in a state with very limited self-defense provisions and strict gun control? Would Obama go on television making an emotional speech saying that he could have been that dead white teenager? Would he say that the black man profiled the white teen (no doubt in that case) before killing him? We don’t have to speculate. Such a case recently occurred in New York. Black adult Roderick Scott shot white teenager Christopher Cervini under eerily similar circumstances to the Martin-Zimmerman case in Florida. Scott was acquitted by a mostly-white jury. Where was Obama’s outrage over that dead teen? Oh, sorry, that teen was white and his life was apparently not as valuable as a black thug. Racism? You decide.

Black women and children are being mowed down in Chicago and other liberal utopias in Obamerica, but the gansta-in-chief hasn’t concern or time for them. Apparently, they aren’t as politically valuable as one young thug in Florida. At least not for political points. Go figure.

Obama also attacked self-defense laws, especially stand your ground laws as being a root problem. Let’s be clear on this – the ONLY people who have anything to fear from stand your ground and other self-defense laws are criminals. Crime victims defending theirs and their families’ lives aren’t the problem; the predators that prey on them are the ones who initiate and escalate the violence. Without good self-defense laws, especially stand your ground laws, predators would rule the streets and become even bolder.

In contrast, conservatives care. We believe that everyone has the potential for success if they will work hard and be persistent. We write-off no one and believe in everyone who honestly tries. We believe that every life is sacred and that all have the God-given right and obligation to defend their lives and families’ lives, with deadly force if necessary. Race doesn’t enter the equation, only performance. Remember that Republicans are the party of Lincoln and Democrats are the party of Jim Crow and the KKK, and the latter took the means of self-defense from blacks by initiating gun control in this country.

The only race issue in self-defense laws is that the law-abiding in Obamerica are the least able to defend themselves against thugs in this country. New master, same strategy. Hence 500+ murdered in Chicago alone last year. Yet hardly a peep from the gansta-in-chief, who apparently wants to keep Obamerica safe for young thugs so that they can grow up to be violent predators who vote for him.

Obama reached a new low in shame today. I’m not ashamed of my country, but I am ashamed of a president who turns his back on the thousands of his constituents who kill each other every year but grandstands over one thug who was legally killed in proven self-defense. May God help this country as our president tries to drag us into the darkness of favored thugs and unchecked crime.



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