Posted by: reformedmusings | July 19, 2013

Interesting posts and thoughts on the Zimmerman aquittal

I  haven’t written on the Zimmerman case yet for a reason. I believe that the court system should be allowed to run its course and all the facts to come out. While the media has hand-picked what facts to relay, Mas Ayoob followed the case closely and reported all the pertinent facts in this post. He also told of the lack of connection to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, putting the lie to liberals saying that SYG is somehow responsible for the incident. NOT! Additionally, Mas wrote about the myth of the “unarmed teen.” All very insightful from a life-long law enforcement officer and expert witness. Legal Insurrection also has some great legal analysis. All facts and just the facts. The jury was 100% correct in their acquittal of George Zimmerman.

One juror provided an interesting insight into the trial. Her interview is here. There was not doubt that Zimmerman was honest and feared for his life. He made some unfortunate decisions, but none required him to be killed by Martin, who also made some bad decisions. Zimmerman acted entirely legally under the self-defense statutes of Florida – no stand your ground required or used in the case.

Which brings us to the prosecution team. Zimmerman should never have been indicted or put on trial. The police investigated the incident thoroughly and found no reason to charge Zimmerman. Read the Ayoob links above. But the politically motivated and incompetent Angela Corey pushed her way into the case with no case. She cost Zimmerman, his friends and family, a lot of money and additional heartache for nothing. Her case was a bad joke that depended on a functionally illiterate admitted liar who could barely speak real English for a star witness. Shameful. Civil-rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz believes that Zimmerman has an excellent case for defamation against Corey. That case is even stronger since Corey called Zimmerman a murderer AFTER his exoneration by a jury of his peers. Shameful.

Bottom line? Trayvon Martin was a thug or thug wannabe who like to fight and smoke dope. If one looks and acts like a thug, expect to get treated like one. He decided to show the local neighborhood watch how tough a thug he was, but had, as we say in the business, poor victim selection skills. He brought his fists and the concrete curb to a gunfight. Once Martin put Zimmerman’s life in danger through assault and a verbalized threat to kill him, Zimmerman had all the elements required – ability, opportunity, and jeopardy – to use deadly force to save his own life in accordance with general self-defense statutes. The totality of the facts have always pointed to Zimmerman’s innocence. The jury saw that and did the right thing. Case closed. Get over it.



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