Posted by: reformedmusings | June 27, 2013

Why you need firearms ready and handy in your house

Vicious animals preying on helpless victims (WARNING: Graphic violence):

If Obama had a son, I wonder if it would look like the animal in the video.

Vicious predators can attack anywhere and at any time. Her doors and windows were locked, but she wasn’t safe. I note that they are now installing an alarm system, but that’s useless. This attack lasted just a few minutes, long before any help could have arrived. SHE was the first responder. Only SHE could end the attack immediately and in her favor by dispatching the rabid animal with a defensive firearm.

This is the real world without guns – the strong do as they will. Is this the world you want for your family?



  1. Thank you for posting this, as hard as it is too see.

    Evil is real, and sometimes the only way to stop it is to put it down.

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