Posted by: reformedmusings | May 13, 2013

Some liberals get the futility of gun control

I found a few interesting articles written by liberals. The first one gets an honorable mention because they don’t seem to understand liberty and the Constitution, but they do lay out a proven strategy to reduce violent crime in Obamerica. A few excerpts from the David Kennedy’s article:

The fact is that most of the recent debate entirely missed the point about the nature of most gun violence in America. The largest share — up to three-quarters of all homicides in many cities — is driven by gangs and drug crews. Most of the remainder is also concentrated among active criminals; ordinary citizens who own guns do not commit street robberies or shoot their neighbors and wives.

The first prong of the approach:

One is to focus on “hot” groups and individuals. Gun violence turns out to be driven by a fantastically small number of people: about 5% of the young men in the most dangerous neighborhoods. It is possible to identify them, put together a partnership of law enforcement, community figures and social service providers, and have a face-to-face engagement in which the authorities say, “We know who you are, we know what you’re doing, we’d like to help you, but your violence has to stop, and there will be serious legal consequences if it doesn’t.”

The second:

The second strategy involves focusing on “hot” places. Even in high-crime communities, gun violence is concentrated geographically. It is particular blocks and corners, not whole neighborhoods, that are at highest risk. Rutgers University criminologist Anthony Braga has found that such places often stay hot for decades. Focused police attention on those places pays demonstrable dividends. Mere presence works; more sophisticated problem-solving efforts work better.

The second author, at Kontradictions, wrote an open letter to Democrats that’s superb. It’s long but well researched, well said, and well worth the time. The author provides six points which are right on target. He points out the absurdity of the gun control/gun banning crowd with great skill. He concludes that as a pro-Second Amendment political liberal, he’s not alone or quiet:

You cannot pretend that we don’t exist, and you cannot be surprised when we let our representatives know that we do not support gun control legislation.

Lastly, had a nice piece on Californians going to Nevada to exercise their constitutional rights. In the middle was this excellent tidbit:

The offenders were incarcerated from crimes committed with handguns, and this is how they reported how they obtained the guns:

Licensed gun dealer: 11 percent
Friends or family: 39.5 percent
“The street:” 37.5 percent
Stolen gun: 9.9 percent
Gun show/Flea market: 1.7 percent

So much for “gun show loopholes”. Very few violent criminals obtain their guns at gun shows. But then, thinking people already knew that.

The reality is that evil exists and it cannot be outlawed. Nor will laws deter evil. A responsible parent teaches their young ‘uns to defend themselves:


Violent predators don’t ask to see your party card. As we’ve learned time and again, the only one who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy or gal with a gun.


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