Posted by: reformedmusings | April 30, 2013

Gnome 3.8 and Ubuntu Raring 13.04 – Warning!

Ubuntu Raring 13.04 comes with Gnome 3.6 because 3.8 wasn’t ready in time. However, OMGUbuntu! posted instructions on how to update Gnome Desktop 3. 6 to 3.8. Being the intrepid explorer that I am, I gave the upgrade a shot.

Because Ubuntu already has Gnome Desktop loaded, I went the route of adding the Gnome repository and doing a version upgrade. That all went very smoothly. I rebooted into Gnome 3.8. That’s when things went slightly south.

Although the reboot went fine and the login screen looked OK, when Gnome came up the background was very white. I tried changing the wallpaper, but it was already set correctly. I checked monitor and video card settings with no issues noted. Nothing I did would change the background from blinding white. Other than that, though, programs executed fine. I didn’t think to take screenshots at the time since I was in troubleshooting mode.

Having had enough of being blinded by my monitor, I rebooted back to Raring and Unity. Same issue. I went through all the right checks but found no problems. Yet, the blinding white background remained. Since the login screen looked fine, I’m guessing that there was some kind of conflict with Compiz, but that’s only a guess. It could also have been a conflict with any of a host of updated libraries.

Like the Mogwai, I had enough of the bright lights. So, I used ppa-purge to back out of the whole 3.8 upgrade, which went very smoothly. After the retrograde, I rebooted back to a fully functional Unity system. No harm, no foul.

So, be warned if you wish to taste of Gnome 3.8 – there be monster there. Maybe.


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