Posted by: reformedmusings | March 21, 2013

Sandy Hook psycho planned murders like a video game to maximize “points”

Gun control laws don’t stop psychos, they enable them. The psychos quickly and easily switch weapons to accommodate their sick fantasies. The oldest school mass murder in the U.S. used dynamite and pyrotol, not firearms.

To the point, the killer psycho that shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School planned the entire scenario carefully for years. He researched and created a seven foot by four foot spreadsheet chronicling the work of around 500 prior mass murderers. One law enforcement veteran called it a score sheet that catalogued all the minute details for each attack. The officer also suggested calling these psychos “glory killers” because their purpose is to outdo the last psycho. You can thank the blood-thirsty media for making these psychos famous.

The Sandy Hook killer organized the attack like a video game. Evidence indicates that he chose the elementary school specifically because he needed helpless, unarmed targets to achieve a “high score”. In other words, his murders were facilitated by the gun-banners favorite tool: a gun-free zone. Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, Brady, Feinstein, and the whole gun-grabbing lot might as well have bought the ammo for the psycho and held the kids still for him. Another example of how the road to hell is paved with “good” intentions.

The video game motif also explains why these psychos almost always kill themselves when eventually faced with armed opposition. As law enforcement officer pointed out, when someone else kills them in a video game, their killer gets their “points.” If the psycho kills himself, they die with all their points – sick beyond words.

Like most press these days, the Daily News article quotes some misguided liberty haters. But overall, it paints a scary picture of a psychopath who consciously chose to make his life a violent video game, aiming for the high score to best the about 500 mass murderers who went before him. He definitely need an inter-cranial lead injection long before Sandy Hook. Evil cannot be treated or rehabilitated. Reminds me of some lines in an old Uriah Heap song speaking of evil personified:

I have no need for moonlight,
You’re wrong to trust in sunlight.
For I exist, not just in storms,
But in life itself in so many forms
To leave you cold.

Evil is out there, looking for opportunities – for gun-free zones that define soft targets. Some days, the only thing between survival and death at the hands of an evil psychopath is a good guy with a gun – possibly an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine.

HT: Gun Free Zone

That’s the teacher with the military rifle. HT: Gun Free Zone


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